To say Dave White has had a successful couple of years would be an understatement. He’s exhibited at international events from Shanghai to New York and Miami, been titled as “the new Andy Warhol” by The Independent in 2011, as well as holding his most successful solo exhibition in London last year.

The Dorset-based Contemporary artist celebrates poplar culture in his works while observing emotive issues, and using specific techniques – which are pretty unique – with colour and texture. His current work will be showcased at Loughran Gallery’s latest exhibition ‘ONE’ at NEO Bankside. Impressive? That’s for sure.

Since it’s Art Week here at, we figured there’s no better person to spare a few moments with. White gives the lowdown on all things art, inspiration, limited collections, and exciting collaborations…

Dave White - Sea Horse

SM: You studied in Liverpool but your career has taken you around the world. How do you feel that both your background and your location have affected your work?

DW: Being born, raised, and having studied in Liverpool held me in good stead for the art world. I was taken under the wing of the dearly missed painter and poet Adrian Henri who gave me sage advice. Honesty and a ‘no holds barred’ approach are very characteristic of Liverpudlians, which I think reflects in my work. I love Liverpool but am now based in Dorset.

SM: Out of your entire body of work, do you have a favourite piece or collection you’ve ever worked on?

DW: I am only as good as my last piece of work and have always held that viewpoint, but if I had to choose one piece it would be the current Great White Shark, capturing the beauty and power and juxtaposing that together. It offers the viewer something that instinctually forms the basis of fear, which then dissolves into fascination, which is the intent.

SM: You usually feature everyday objects as your subject matter, but then you find a way to give them a slightly uneasy aspect by way of colour and texture. Is there an intentional feeling you’re trying to evoke in viewers? Can you tell me more about the message behind your pieces?

DW: Texture and colour form a massive part of the work. The current natural selection series is all about making the viewer re-engage with the natural world. Natural camouflage, fragility, power and beauty are the key focus and the most important aspect is using materials that organically fuse and blend to form the depiction. My style is dynamic and expressive and offers an almost animated quality, which is what I want to get across. With so few of specific species left, I want the viewer to think about how important and beautiful all life is.

SM: Colour plays quite a large role in your work. Does your process differ when you’re working on colour vs. monochromatic pieces?

DW: Sure, the monochromatic work offered another side and quality as well as something that nobody sees – under every painting a spontaneous underdrawing exists. My signature style with paint is composed of layers and drips and expressive, dynamic flecks of paint. But drawing, by its very nature, will not allow this iconography. So the challenge was to depict the same energy through a graphic media and build-up of line.

SM: You have an impressive body of work, have shown at some of the most prestigious galleries internationally, and have collaborated with artists like Chuck Close. Has there been a single highlight to your career so far?

DW: I lost my Dad in 1994. Shortly before he passed, he came to my first big museum type show and saw the response to the work. He was very proud and nothing will ever top that.

SM: You have four hand-finished prints in the Loughran Gallery’s upcoming one-year retrospective. Can you tell me about how you chose these pieces? Any clues to what the surprise work on paper might be?

DW: I wanted to produce something very special and decided on producing a no expense spared beautiful cloth bound gold embossed box set of four prints. The four prints are exactly the same size as the original watercolour works on paper and are hand finished with 24ct gold leaf. We decided on the Sea Turtle, Lion Fish, Siamese Fighting Fish and Sea Horse.

It is only going to be an edition of 20. In one of the boxes, we have decided to place an original watercolour work on paper, which will be of a Piranha fish. It will be a lovely surprise for the lucky receiver.

SM: How did you originally become involved with the Loughran Gallery?

DW: I first met Juliette in 2012 when she contacted me to view original works at my then studio in Liverpool – she was originally a client and purchased some key pieces from a few shows. The transition from client to dealer and friend has been fantastic and her determination, passion and incredible attention to detail have assured that every show she does outdo the one before, which is not easy! The ethos behind her gallery is so fresh and exciting and this is always reflected at her openings.

SM: And since we’re a travel-focused magazine – what do you always carry with you in your suitcase?

DW: Lately I seem to have mastered the art of travelling light, but gadgets are always a must for journeys; the iPad is my best friend!

Dave White - Siamese Fighting Fish

Loughran Gallery will be presenting their latest exhibition ‘ONE’ at NEO Bankside, SE1 from December 5th until December 20th in celebration of their first birthday. For more information, please see the Loughran Gallery website

Interview by Robin Reetz, @reetzrobin

Introduction by Unsah Malik, @unsahmalik

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