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From surfing the sun-scorched dunes of Oman’s Sharqiya Sands to collecting handmade crafts in Morocco’s “Blue Pearl” and feasting on seafood platters in a Devonshire seaside town, these are the destinations we can’t wait to visit this month
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Planning a staycation? Explore our favourite destinations across the UK, including towns where the coast meets culture, dynamic cities and remote islands that feel as if you’re far from home. Plus, the new hotels and tried-and-tested places to stay when you visit.
In the wake of SpaceX’s launch of Crew Dragon, we explore a new era in which private companies reach for the stars and what this means for space tourism. Viewed from orbit, the imagined borders between race, religion and countries converge under one shared atmosphere. Is it possible we can find hope for the future 100km above Earth?
As part of our Designer Dupes series, we’re reaching for the affordable body oils, haircare products and fake tans that feature the same hero ingredients as their big-ticket counterparts. Your self-care routine is about to get an upgrade.