Genoa, Italy


Noted by Gustav Flaubert for having a “beauty that tears the
soul”, Genoa has remained a secret gateway to the Italian Riviera
with streets that mingle old-world glamour with new-world

Why Now?

Home of Italy’s largest seaport with a rich history dating from
the 12th century, Genoa serves as a charming reminder of pre- and
post-modern Italy. Narrow, twisting lanes lead you from the
surprisingly intact old city to decadent gold-leaf designs of the
Enlightenment. Far from stuck in the past, modern buildings skirt
the edges of the old city, combining centuries in mere steps.

When to go

We suggest going between May
and August
when the temperatures rise and the sea breeze offers cool relief
throughout the hilly port city.

Who to take with you

A significant other. The architecture and seaside views set the
perfect backdrop for a romantic
Italian getaway

Most likely to bump into

Friendly locals who will lead you to the perfect perch to watch
the sunset, bottle of wine
in hand.

Don’t miss

The city’s signature dish: pesto trofie pasta. The pesto, made
from Ligurian basil, is the base ingredient of Genoa’s most
well-known culinary export and it is not to be missed.

An essential to bring with you

A camera to capture the surprising architecture and
Mediterranean landscape.

How to get there

An easy day trip from Milan,
take a train into Genova Brignole station or fly directly into
Genoa airport and take a taxi into the city.

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