Scent-Away: Our Favourite Destination-Inspired Candles

Strike a match and allow yourself to be transported from springtime in Sweden to smoky Sussex woods with the help of these sublime scented candles.

the most powerful human sense, smell has the ability to
transport us in the most visceral way – both back in time and to
distant shores. Not a lot conjures a stronger sense of place and
comfort than a scented candle, so we’re looking to these small but
mighty wax-filled vessels as a way to holiday from home. Whether
you want to go back to your first childhood holiday on the beach or
the pine-scented forests of your last trip to the mountains, settle
in for some self-care with these travel-inspired candles.

The best travel-inspired candles for transporting you to
foreign lands

Never Spring, Björk and Berries

Best for: a burst of Swedish springtime

Inspired by the green, crisp scent of Swedish springtime, Never
Spring was conceived to encapsulate the feeling of longing for a
spring that never seems to arrive. With notes of lemon and
cedarwood, this calming candle will fast-track you straight to the
heady delights of a Swedish woodland.

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Signature, Henry’s Townhouse

Best for: a trip to Regency-era London

We’ve never come across a scent that does what it says on the
tin quite so precisely as this one. As its name would suggest, this
candle was inspired by Henry’s Townhouse – a Regency-era London
address full of leather-bound books and high-society sophistication
– all translated through top notes of fiery pepper and eucalyptus,
opening onto a heady heart of iris and musky sandalwood.


Grounding, Aman

Best for: a sense of inner stillness

It’s the atmosphere in its properties that sets Aman – the
needs-no-introduction luxury hotel group – apart from the rest.
Adept at crafting emotion through physical design, Aman now has its
own line of candles, fragrances and skincare, with each product
having been created to ground, nourish or purify. We’ve chosen the
Grounding option for its heady hit of ginger and jasmine layered
over woody sandalwood, which is perfect for bringing about
stillness, focus and reconnection.


Bonfire, The Vampire’s Wife

Best for: smoky Sussex celebrations

Manufactured in France by cult traditional candlemaker Cire
Trudon, this artisanal candle from Vampire’s Wife takes inspiration
from the brand’s founding hometown of Lewes. The East Sussex
creative hub is home to the world’s largest annual Guy Fawkes night
celebration, earning it the nickname “bonfire capital of the
world”. Smoky leather and cedar layered over notes of tobacco,
resin and exotic herbs will whisk you straight to the hearth of a
warm, crackling fire. Marshmallows, optional.


Coconut Beach, Heidi Klein

Best for: tropical transportation

If sand, suntan lotion and the sea could all be bottled into one
scent, Heidi Klein’s Coconut Beach candle would be it. Combining
the tropical extravagance of exotic fruits with island flowers and
aquatic notes, this intense cocktail will air-lift you straight to
your favourite island paradise – coconut in hand.


earl of east greenhouse candle

Greenhouse, Earl of East

Best for: Greek summer in a jar

Each of Earl of East’s refreshingly pared-back aromas has been
crafted with a certain place in mind, with the brand’s fragrance
formulators travelling to each destination themselves in order to
drink up its olfactory atmosphere to the full. Crafted after a hot,
rural summer in Greece, the Greenhouse candle combines a rich blend
of vine tomato, parsley seed and basil to evoke the wild gardens
and shimmering waters of the Mediterranean.

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Cypress Balls, LOEWE

Best for: a breath of botanical fresh air

Dreamed up on a stroll through Kew Gardens, when Jonathan
Anderson (founder of British fashion label JW Anderson and the
creative director of LOEWE) was inspired by the London garden’s
heady mix of aromas, each candle in this collection has been
formulated to evoke Kew’s famous backyard. Our pick is the
baby-blue iteration, Cypress Balls, for its fresh, musky tones and
dreamy pastel-hued, keep-forever ceramic vessel.

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Palo Santo 14, Le Labo

Best for: a spiritual journey to South America

Paying olfactory homage to the deeply spiritual South American
scent of palo santo, this variation on a theme from our favourite
fine fragrance brand Le Labo softens the wood’s distinctive raw
aroma with warm cedarwood, resinous labdanum, incense and
patchouli. Light this candle’s wick to clear negativity and usher
in the spirit of South America.

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