Want to put a little “wow” into your workspace? These punchy bookends, minimalist organisers and desks designed to soothe your aching back are among our must-haves. We want to say that they’ll increase your productivity, but with items this pretty, we can’t guarantee it.

Bland, clinical and lacking any sort of personality, office desks are often mundane and monotonous at best – and a mess at worst. Yet you spend a large amount of time in your workspace, so it’s only right to treat it to a bit of individual flair. Having somewhere that you feel comfortable can boost confidence and inspire creativity – at least, that’s what we’re telling HR.

Here, we’ve covered all the essentials – yes, a Chrisitan Lacroix notepad ranks pretty highly on our must-have list – fixed the on-going office temperature argument and bottled our favourite scents from a Tel Aviv perfume atelier to mask the smelliest of desk lunches.

Must-have desk gadgets to boost productivity (and look pretty).

1. VariDesk Pro Plus 36 adjustable height desk converter, Vari, £365

Sitting at your desk all day is a pain in the back. Literally. Helping to improve your posture and alleviate backache, these Vari standing desk converters switch your crippling lot into a fully functional, adjustable standing desk.

2. Galán de Noche Candle, La Montaña, £36

Booking a mountainside yoga retreat is our go-to when our endless deadlines or unruly inbox have left us feeling strung out. When you’ve got no annual leave (or the funds), light this La Montana candle instead. The calming notes have been inspired by the founder’s life in a remote Valencian village, encircled by mountains and fresh air. Expect your room to be filled with the scents of orange blossom and rose.

3. Hexagonal Pen 10 Colours Set, Muji, £4.95

We’re a fan of anything that this cult Japanese brand creates, including these retro-coloured felt tip pens. Highlighters are so passé.

4. Wireless Charging Tray, Design Museum Shop, £50

Your Airpods running out of battery mid-commute has to be one of the most annoying first-world problems – second only to your phone dying. Elevate both with this sleek and functional charging tray.

5. PROPS: The Snubnose Wedge bookends, Besler & Sons, £136

Produced in Los Angeles by husband-and-wife duo Erin and Ian Besler, these polished terrazzo bookends add a pop of colour to monochrome workspaces. Each design is different so even if your colleague wants to copy you, no desk will be the same. concrete-desk-set

6. Concrete Desk Set, Areaware, £55

These organisers are deal for brutalism fans and design aficionados that hate clutter but need somewhere to keep their Muji pens and pencils.

7. Handblown Italian Glasses, The Edition 94, £26

Plastic water bottles are a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick with a reusable at your desk. Upgrade to one of these swoon-worthy hand-blown glasses. They also double up as the “oh-my-god-you’ve-nailed-it” wedding/ birthday/ leaving gift for that colleague whose name you can’t quite remember, but have been tasked with buying a present for.

8. Mexico A5 Notebook, Christian Lacroix x Papier, £19.00

This is extra with a capital E. This Christian Lacroix notepad has us flying through our to-do lists (read: shopping lists) while simultaneously inspiring us to book that overdue Mexican road trip (read: sink a shot of tequila).

9. Candyly Warm Desk Mat, Amazon, £12.60

The most common argument in any office: window open or closed? Air-con off or on? This nifty bit of tech solves such perennial problems. The Candyly heated desk mat applies warm air when needed, with no impact to anyone around you.

10. Tall Natural Brown Wide Cortaderia Pampas Grass, Little Deer, £22

Succulents are so last season. Requiring zero maintenance aside from plonking them in a vase, these dried pampas sprigs will instantly inject a little nature into your office.

11. Aromatherapy Diffuser in Bergamot & Neroli, Orange, Zielinski & Rozen, £27

One of Tel Aviv’s oldest ateliers, this family-run perfume house has been crafting its signature scents for over 100 years. The bergamot, neroli and orange diffuser reminds us of Jaffa’s market-packed streets and will mask a multitude of smells.

12. Mug in Turquoise, La Double J, £60

There’ll be no mistaking which mug is yours when they come out of the dishwasher.

13. Cyclades Vase in Large by Nick Ross, Menu, £70

To put the dried pampas in, of course.

14. Curva magazine holder in Gold, AYTM, £179

It’s pure coincidence that this Curva magazine holder perfectly matches the latest edition of SUITCASE and has room for the whole of the Collector’s Bundle.

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