Three Companies Reshaping the Future of Fashion

Thu, 10 October 2019

As consumer attitudes and purchasing habits shift, the fashion world is being forced to respond to new demands and new forms of best practice.

From customisable shopping to carbon-negative fashion brands, these are the companies reshaping retail.

1. Headliner Labs

An end-to-end conversation marketing platform, Headliner Labs was born from the “recognition that customer interaction is important for retailers”. The fashion startup from NYC enables retail companies to launch chatbots instantly – powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing – to deliver personalised experiences to every customer. Headliner Labs also offers a broadcasting service using Facebook messenger which reports 10 times higher open rates than email, while it’s retargeting service captures 70 per cent of abandoned carts without the need to collect email addresses or phone numbers from shoppers.

2. Sheep Inc.

Made of ZQ-certified, merino wool, Sheep Inc. jumpers are designed to last a lifetime. Scan the tag on the hem for details of your jumper’s carbon footprint and manufacturing journey – right down to the very sheep from which the wool originated. Challenging current industry standards and setting the bar for environmental accountability, Sheep Inc. is re-defining what sustainability means. As the only fashion brand worldwide that offsets the carbon footprint of its product tenfold by investing in biodiversity projects, this company’s equation is simple: “carbon negativity for future positivity.”

3. Unmade

Unmade combats overproduction by enabling clothing brands to offer shoppers customisable items. The London-based software company’s “curated customisation” means that stock is less likely to sit on shelves. E-commerce orders are sent direct to the brand’s factory, made and delivered straight to the consumer. Individual and short-run orders are integrated into existing production, meaning that they can be manufactured at the same cost and speed as mass-produced items.

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