In her jewellery and accessories line, Parme Marin melds together cultures from around the world and brings global awareness to the modern woman. She creates unexpected combinations with materials sourced from her travels and employs their eye-catching qualities to make a statement.

Born in Paris, but constantly traveling between New York, Madrid and Marrakech, Marin finds inspiration wherever she goes. She collects materials along the way and works with local craftsmen to materialise her ideas. The brand’s environmental impact is always at the forefront of her mind. Each collection is bursting with colour, full of funky shapes and utilises a variety of textures; the pieces are a representation of Marin’s personality and character.

Whether it’s her vibrant personality, eco-conscious practices or the intriguing aesthetics of her accessories, Parme Marin has captivated a global audience. Between her travels, Marin made time to chat with us about cultivating a personal style, running a sustainable brand and helping to stimulate the global economy.


Parme Marin


Parme Marin




New York

Type of Brand

Lifestyle brand – jewellery and accessories.

Where can we find your designs?

Reformation, Shop Super Street, Studio Sebastian, Shopbop.


Who is the ideal Parme Marin customer?

Parme Marin customers are looking for something special, something that not all brands can offer. They are women are of every age (which I love). They are curious and creative in their daily choices. They have the innate ability to combine colours, shapes and patterns in unique ensembles, ranging anywhere from a T-shirt to a couture dress. Through their unexpected outfits, they always make a statement and inspire the people around them.

What drew you to jewellery design?

When I first started, I was looking for jewellery that I could not find anywhere. Tribes from all over the world are what inspired and drew me the most to do this. The colours, unusual materials and creativity also pushed me to create one-of-a-kind pieces. I’m always fascinated to see how resourceful they are. I guess it challenges me somehow.

What materials do you use? Where do these materials come from?

I source all the materials throughout my travels. Everywhere I go, I bring back something. It could be fabrics, stones, ribbons, etc. I also love to use natural materials such as bone, wood, palm leaves or vegetal leather. I find it interesting to mix materials, and create a balance between them.

How do your pieces contribute to the global economy?

Everything we do is handmade in Morocco by amazing artisans. Throughout the years we have built relationships with artisans of every kind. We encourage them to build their own businesses and make sure to be a part of their growth.

Why is sustainability important to you?

I think that being sustainable is a way of living. When you recycle, you realise how much you consume and this is when you start changing small habits. At Parme Marin, we don’t throw anything away – quite the opposite, we try to find use for everything. Firstly, because throwing material away means wasting. Secondly, because not allowing waste makes your develop your creativity. For example, we’ll make buttons out of the leather or fabric scraps.

What choices do you make to make your brand more sustainable than most?

When I started my brand I never thought about it. It kind of came naturally. First, no boxes of any kind, they are useless! We make beautiful packaging that woman reuse to go out or to use when traveling. This summer I was so happy to see all my girlfriends going out with their African pouches! I know it became an ‘essential’ in their wardrobe. Also, since I was a teenager I always loved finding vintage items. Incorporating vintages pieces into my creations in combination with natural materials like wood, bone and horse hair give the pieces a bespoke feel, but also make each piece unique and eco-conscious.

How are you empowering women in Marrakech?

At the atelier in Marrakech my close team is only composed of women. One of them bought herself a car a year ago; it made me so happy!

Describe your personal style.

Eclectic, timeless, eccentric with a splash of Parisian chic. I can’t say I only have one style. Of course, there are things that reflect my character such as colours and eye-catching accessories. I like an unexpected mixture or using the same top in two very different ways. I don’t think you need a lot of new things all the time. I think you need to be creative with the pieces you have. I am sure I have items in my wardrobe today which I will still be wearing in my fifties.

How does your personal style influence your brand?

My style is the main influence of my brand. I create what I need, pieces I am looking for, colour combos that are missing in my wardrobe.

Designers for years and years have escaped to Marrakech as an artistic haven and view it as a well of inspiration. Why do you think visitors have such a visceral reaction to the city?

I really think Marrakech has a very unique vibe. From the colours of the walls to the energy of the city.

Advice for shopping at a souk?

Artsi Ifrach is the most talented designer in Marrakech for sure (his brand is ARTC) – You can find very cute tunique at Norya Ayron’s shop in the restaurant le jardin. Go to Ministerio del gusto if you like beautiful vintage pieces.

How do your designs represent a union of New York, Parisian and Moroccan style?

New York is represented by the geometry, the very urban way of wearing my work and sometimes it’s masculine side. The Moroccan (ethnic) side is of course colourful with a lot of patterns. The Parisian side is a little more subtle, it’s the alluring aspect of the pieces, timeless yet always modern.

Where to go in New York when you’re missing Morocco?

I don’t really have time to miss Morocco, I go there six times a year. It would never cross my mind to go to a Moroccan restaurant here – it would be like eating s’mores in Paris! However, a lot of my friends go to Bar Omar in Brooklyn.

How do your travels continue to contribute to the evolution of your brand?

Travelling and discovering cultures, ancient habits and techniques will always be part of my inspiration. I found that using old techniques and mixing them with new designs is powerful and exciting.

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