Sustainable Fashion, a Matter Of Style

Wed, 18 March 2015
matter pants sustainable

In an age when technology is overbearing and human interaction is limited, the appreciation of how an item of clothing is made can be lost. As a reaction consumers have expressed their desire for more information about where their clothing comes from and in some ways the industry has responded with transparency and engagement. One brand that does this particularly well is MATTER, a Singapore-based company that has surfaced with a new approach to the designer-customer relationship.

MATTER, a line of comfortable and versatile trousers, creates stylish travel wear that tells a personable story. The current edition, Building Blocks, is a combination of classic yet colourful textiles that focus on the foundation of fabrics and trends. With six styles to choose from in a variety of prints, each pair dawns a unique appearance, with a history to back it up.

For example, the Classic Wideleg is inspired by the grace of the Vietnamese ‘ao dai,’ which was designed in the 1700s when a decree was passed that all women and men should wear trousers. Of the print choices, Leharia, named for the wave forms that crash against the shore, combines a bold and sophisticated nature in its design. Inspired by a monsoon story of love, women would wear pink Leharia saris into monsoon festivals and dance in the streets in hope that the pink colour would come off on their skin, and they would be loved forever. “Dyed and printed in Jaipur. Stitched and finished in New Delhi. Woven in Bihar,” MATTER tells you which pieces of the trousers were made where.

For artisanship to become sustainable MATTER advocates the need for designers to be in the picture. Every artisan that joins becomes apart of the family, and is valued for their work. With provenance being MATTER’s outstanding philosophy, the brand works to provide details of their product’s origin, so you know exactly where your trousers came from and how they were made. When purchasing a pair, you become aware of the production locations, history of the pant structure, print design and the artisan’s story.

Proving that sustainability is an asset for a brand, MATTER delivers a full experience for their customers. Though they don’t express a desire to be a designer label in the traditional sense, they hope to be a collaborative community with a universal purpose of furthering textile artisanship.

Shop the collection below:

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Words by Cheyenne Bowers

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