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We spent the summer frolicking through Deià, Île de Ré and Milos. Now back on home turf, annual holiday allowance all accounted for, we’re not quite sure how we’re going to make it through until the snow starts to fall and winter fun begins.

Then the idea of a sensory vacation as an indulgent interlude occurred to us, and who better to escort us than the master perfumers at Creed? Seasoned travellers themselves, they began in 18th-century London before moving their headquarters to Paris, and continue to traverse the globe from Italy to India to source the finest materials for their concoctions.

The house’s sixth-generation master perfumer, Olivier Creed, was a particularly devoted globetrotter. Touring Creed’s parfumerie, the redolent air, thick with the scent of his travels, lulls us into a heady holiday reverie. These seven fragrances – inspired by some of his favourite destinations – are the coquettish culprits.

1. The Mediterranean Sea: Erolfa

Inspired by Creed family sailing trips, suddenly we’re back in the midst of summer, drifting across the Med aboard a yacht named Erolfa. The eponymously named fragrance evokes visions of fresh mornings and dramatic sunsets at sea via citrus and rich spices. We’re picturing a contemporary captain splashing himself with Erolfa before embarking on his own Mediterranean voyage.

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2. Rome: Neroli Sauvage

The Princess of Nerola (who gave the essential oil neroli its name) was known to throw quite the summer bash in the 1680s. Her garden parties, held just outside Rome, were legendary and the punchy yet elegant Neroli Sauvage befits her exuberant personality. Its top notes of lemon, bergamot and petitgrain are coaxing us to book a Roman holiday – and we’ll certainly be dousing ourselves in it for our next soirée.

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3. Ginger Island, Caribbean: Virgin Island Water

With a few drops of Virgin Island Water Eau de Parfum on each wrist, we’re slipping into a paradisiacal state. One deep inhale conjures a Caribbean breeze, mingled with the scent of coconut oil. A second detects Jamaican lime, heady hibiscus and tangy Sicilian mandarin. An intoxicating tropical cocktail, we can practically feel the winter sun of the BVIs kissing our skin.

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4. India: Original Santal

With a desire to distil his travels throughout Asia, Olivier blended the essence of Indian royal sandalwood trees with cinnamon, vanilla, Tonka bean and ginger to create Original Santal. Herbal and spicy notes revel in the opulence of India, evoking the palaces and markets of Rajasthan in a robust, head-turning scent that instils modern wearers with a sense of spirituality and calm.

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5. Ireland: Green Irish Tweed

Recalling a (sometimes) sunny June spent in the Emerald Isle’s verdant countryside, Green Irish Tweed bottles scents of woodlands, freshly cut grass and bracing sea air. This classic men’s fragrance combines lemon, Indian verbena and invigorating peppermint and has become something of a cult fragrance for the brand since it first hit shelves in 1985.

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6. Côte d’Azur: Love in White for Summer

Love in White for Summer is the sort of fragrance we imagine Grace Kelly would have worn while playing glamorous American heiress, Frances Stephens, in Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief. A bouquet of magnolia, jasmine, Indian sandalwood and apple deliver a youthful and flirty scent, best paired with oversized shades and a giant straw hat for promenading around the French Riviera.

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7. Florence: Acqua Fiorentina

The setting is 15th-century Florence, the scent is Acqua Fiorentina. Fruity, floral and feminine, this darling aroma conjures up memories of al-fresco feasts in a candlelit courtyard – we’re thinking white-linen tablecloths, wildflower-filled vases and plenty of Chianti-fuelled friends. Head notes of greengage plums and sparkling apple balance base notes of Virginian cedar, sandalwood and white grapefruit – it’s summer distilled.

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About Creed

The House of Creed began as a bottle of Royal English Leather – a rich mix of mandarin, ambergris and sandalwood – commissioned by King George III after he became enamoured with a pair of Creed-scented gloves. Since 1760, Creed has created a legacy of unrivalled scents treasured by perfume connoisseurs and admirers of quality, style and panache world over. Throughout the centuries, the Creed family has produced over 200 perfumes all testifying to a unique creative spirit that has been passed, together with a keen nose, from father to son down seven generations. A timeless, modern act of creation, these are perfumes of the past, fragrances of the future.

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