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Russ Bateman, founder of lifestyle and exercise brand Skinny Bitch Collective, gives us some advice to holding New Year’s resolutions.

Making peace with where you are in your life is the first step towards making changes that will last. Remember that the more goals you make, the less likely you are to achieve anything at all. Prioritise and focus on your top three objectives – they might be losing body fat, feeling great and increasing your energy levels.

Lack of social support can increase stress and anxiety, which weaken your ability to stick to your goals. In order to succeed with your New Year’s resolutions, support from friends and family is key. If your friends draw you toward bad influences your first goal should be to get some new ones.

Once you’ve organised your goals, put them on your mirror or fridge or anywhere where you’ll be constantly reminded about them.

1. Sleep more

I always ask girls how much sleep they’re getting before they train with SBC. Those hours you knock back under the duvet allow the body to recover from exercise and rebuild torn muscle tissues. Skipping sleep or not getting enough of it causes an increase in cortisol – a hormone that suppresses physical activity and fat burning processes in the body. It will also increase hunger. If you can’t sleep check your magnesium levels, as a deficiency could be to blame. On nights when you’re staying in try and go to bed at 10PM.

2. Food for thought

It’s better to say “I will have vegetables with my meal” than “I won’t have any carbs with any of my meals.” Plan a cheat meal for yourself at the end of the week.

3. Have more sex

It will boost your immunity and relieve stress.

4. Stay present

That is being in ‘the now’ as much as you can. Make sure your breathing is full and deep. It’s the best detox possible. Anything can be meditation – walking, yoga, cooking, even taking out the rubbish.

5. Mix up your workouts

For your body and your brain. SBC workshops are the perfect stimuli for that. Dancing is not a luxury – it’s an imperative. Even if it’s when you’re alone in the morning before you start your day.

6. Limit your distractions

Throw away your television and read more. Spend less time on your phone and only answer your emails once a day. Limit social media usage – it’s a form of procrastination and you get lost in a strange world of peer pressure and competitive boasting. Hold eye contact during conversation.

7. Love yourself

Or you can never love anyone else. Judgment is so boring – don’t judge! Take nothing (not even the stuff directed towards you) personally. Finding peace with where you are at right now in your life is the first step to self-acceptance and making lasting changes.

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