Health and Beauty Secrets from Around the World

Mon, 2 February 2015
Beauty secrets rose waterBulgarian women swear by rose water tonic

Drink water, sleep well, exercise, eat fruit and plenty of vegetables and take everything in moderation, including moderation. The commandments of health and beauty. Sounds easy, right?

With our fast-paced lifestyles and demanding jobs, the truth is that few of us ever achieve all these goals at the same time, but nonetheless we’re always looking for more health tips. We want to reap the benefits of better health, which could lead to a slimmer waist and glowing skin. To help you on your journey, we delved deeper into different cultures around the world to find out what their secrets are.

INDIA A common beauty ritual for Indian brides is to apply turmeric (mixed with a spoon of yogurt and rose water) to the face and body. It clears, brightens and softens skin. But turmeric’s uses don’t stop there – sprinkle it on food too. It’s extremely detoxifying, great for digestion and antimicrobial.

SWEDEN Swedes are big fans of a dry sauna – as little as 20 minutes spent in the sweltering heat speeds up the body’s circulation and improves complexion. But for even better results remember this: apply honey to the skin before heading in. It exfoliates, protects and nourishes. There is also a more peculiar Swedish beauty tradition that we wanted to flag…egg white facials. Whisk together two egg whites until frothy, apply in an upward motion and leave for 15 minutes. It tightens pores and removes excess oil and dead skin.

CHINA Pearl-based products are the norm in China. Available in cream, mask or tablet form, they brighten, firm and rebuild skin while killing free-radicals. Two other Chinese health and beauty favourites are ginseng and rice water. The former is used to boost energy and warm up the body while the latter is a great facial cleanser that helps prevent premature aging.

JAPAN The Japanese use a diet rich in this seaweed to ward of diseases and improve general health. This super food strengthens gut mucus, is high in nutrients, low in calories and can even improve heart health and inflammation.

BULGARIA Bulgarian women swear by rose water for clean, fresh and moisturised skin. Other benefits, like balanced energy, come from the therapeutic effects of rose aroma.

ICELAND Known for particularly low rates of depression, Icelandic people have a diet that is high in fatty fish and wild game. Both are rich in omega-3s, which boost brain health and in turn lead to a happier and healthier population. The omegas found in these foods also help keep skin moisturised and supple, which is particularly important in climates further north.

Words by Sophie Elliott

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