#CookForSyria: Jasmine Hemsley

One half of the Hemsley + Hemsley sister double act, Jasmine offers insight into their recipe of spiced lentil soup for the #CookForSyria campaign.

“We adore a lentil stew! From a spicy dahl to a split-pea soup, a big pot of lentils is our kind of food. It’s a simple, flavourful, comforting meal for families, friends and those you love.”

In creating a dish for the campaign, the Hemsleys wanted to leave their own stamp while incorporating traditional Syrian flavours: “We wanted to incorporate traditional Syrian spices into a hearty dish that still had a Hemsley stamp on it – so we chose warming Aleppo chilli and balanced it out with cool pomegranate seeds and pistachios for added crunch. No H+H soup is complete without a vibrant green drizzle, so we added a swirl of our lemony herb oil too.” The flavour profiles are equally influenced by Syrian cuisine: “We use flavours typical of a rich soup such as garlic and cumin, along with thyme, oregano and lemon. Teaming it with Aleppo chilli adds a fruity taste which is more warming than hot – a perfect partner for the fresh pomegranate.”

When it comes to #CookForSyria, the sisters were excited to get involved: “It’s a fantastic initiative which we really wanted to support. We love cooking for people and using good food as an expression for love – so this is a very worthwhile cause as we get to share our cooking while raising money for those in need.”

Recipes by Jasmine Hemsley and others can be found in the #CookForSyria Recipe Book, available for purchase on amazon.co.uk. All profits will be donated to aid children affected by the crisis in Syria.