SUITCASE Magazine x Canada Goose: A Conversation on Shelter

Sharing a desire to give people the tools to go beyond their comfort zone, our partnership with Canada Goose was an obvious choice. Whether traversing a mountain in the North Pole or taking the path less trodden in Paris, Canada Goose’s functional and stylish jackets provide the protection you need to explore freely – and all the better with a copy of SUITCASE in hand.

At the heart of both SUITCASE and Canada Goose is discovery; with our guidance and their attire, we aim to shepherd and protect while simultaneously inspiring risk and adventure. On Tuesday 2 October we came together for an intimate event to discuss that complex relationship, considering the concept of shelter and the different forms it can take – whether that’s a place, an activity, a person, or a state of being. In the new Project 109 of Harvey Nichols, four panellists shared their unique perspectives among a guest list of creatives, industry experts, our readers and Canada Goose Basecamp members.

Mediated by SUITCASE’s own Alice Leahy, the conversationalists – who included arctic explorer and official Goose Person ambassador, Ben Saunders ; hospitality veteran and co-founder of the hotel with no walls (or roof), Daniel Charbonnier; musician and founder of the world’s most northern artists’ retreat, Hårvard Lund; and acclaimed architect Nathalie Rozencwaig – contemplated what shelter means to them. Amid humorous anecdotes about sharing a “pee bottle” for months in a tent and sleeping with a snow box over one’s head, throughout the discussion shelter took shape as survival in its most basic sense. It is feeling of trust above all else; a mentality of mindfulness only found in nature, and an escape zone that is at once functional and separate from the rest of your life. The thought-provoking dialogue was not confined to the panelists, but sparked lively debate among guests who spoke about their own views and experiences long after the talk ended.

Glacier-shaped ice sculptures decorated the area appropriately, with interactive elements like make-your-own maple taffy and a walk-in-the-forest scent experience making for ideal ice-breakers in the beautiful, nature-themed space. The night continued with model/artist/DJ Phoebe Collings-James on the decks, master mixologists concocting Canadian specialist cocktails behind the bar and Bompas and Parr dishing up characteristically experimental canapés. Guests left with a personally monogrammed leather luggage tag and a copy of SUITCASE Vol. 24: The Slow Issue – both must-haves for their next adventure.