Clinique Launches New Line Pep Aimed for Travellers

Today dermatological and allergy-tested skin products are the norm, but when Clinique first opened its doors and revealed a lab coat-wielding Evelyn Lauder (of Estée Lauder) it became the first brand to truly marry skincare with dermatology. Since its beginnings, Clinique has established itself as a no-nonsense brand, a saviour for anyone with sensitive skin. We caught up with Eileen Higgins, Vice President of Global Skincare and Makeup Product Development, to speak about Clinique’s new product Pep Start.

With 30 years in the industry, Eileen understands that people are on the road more and more so she and her team sought to make a range of products called Pep designed specifically for travellers. She talked about the first product in the line, Pep Start, which is an eye cream packed with peptides that increase micro-circulation, and is perfect for on-the-go touchups: “The skin around the eye area is vulnerable, and can be a tell-tale sign of tiredness. If the eye area doesn’t look good, then you don’t look your healthy best.”

The rest of the Pep range from Clinique will be products designed specifically for travellers and people on the go. This includes new make-up sticks that can contour, highlight and conceal simultaneously. Eileen says that the future products for Pep will be: “multi-purpose, uni-dose and jet-lag proof, perfect for different climates and humidity.”