Thu, 21 May 2015
creative futures

You would never believe that once upon a time the fashion world turned its well-powdered nose up at social media. Today however, as catwalks are live-streamed from Periscope and Cara Delevingne snaps selfies on the runway at Giles, it seems the industry has embraced technology with open arms.

Never has this change of heart been more evident than at the inaugural Creative Futures conference last week in London. WGSN (World Global Style Network) brought together some of the leading visionaries in fashion and the smartest minds in technology to debate and discuss trends in marketing, media, technology, retail and design.

The keyword of the conference was ‘disrupt’ – “to interrupt by causing disturbance or problems or to drastically alter or destroy the structure of.” The aim was to encourage attendees to remain at the cutting edge of customer engagement in the digital age and to challenge themselves to develop new ideas, to innovate and to fail – a lot.

Attendees and speakers were encouraged to use the time to network, swap stories and probe each other for ideas and insights. As Lauretta Roberts, Founder and Director of Creative Futures and the WGSN Global Fashion Awards said, “In the digital era where so much communication is no longer face-to-face, it is so vital that the creative industries still come together, at events such as this, to inspire one another and continue to push the envelope.”

One of the best examples of disruption on display was AnOther Magazine’s revolutionary digital cover featuring Rihanna:

These are some of the most inspiring reflections on the fashion industry from the creative disruptors themselves:

On Social Media

“You’re not speaking to an audience of a million, you’re speaking to a million audiences of 1.” Natasha Lytton, Head of Marketing and Communications, Savse Smoothies

“In China 90% of sales involve some form of social interaction before they buy.” Mario Muttenthaler, Chief Marketing Officer, The Cambridge Satchel Company

“Twitter is now an extension of your emotions and feelings. There are 54million ‘I want’ and ‘I need’ tweets per month.” Georgina Parnell, Sales Lead, Twitter

“26% of the time consumers spend on mobile is using Facebook and Instagram” Alastair Cotterill, Creative lead, Instagram

Words to work by

“If it can be imagined, it can be made.” Jefferson Hack, Co-Founder + Editorial Director, Dazed Group

“The magic of fashion is selling a dream, because if you’re not selling a dream you’re not selling anything.” Justin Cooke, Founder + CEO, Tunepics

“Nowadays when I’m scared, I don’t run away from it, I run into things I’m scared of.” Roger Wade, Director, BOXPARK

On Sustainability

“Now we call it sustainability. But at one time it was called common sense and human decency.” Orsola de Castro, Co-Founder, Fashion Revolution and Esthetica; Creative Director Reclaim to Wear

“The reality is we should be making what we consume and consume what we make.” Adam Derry, Creative Director, Ekocycle for and The Coca Cola Company; Founder ADBD

On Branding

“If you want to engage with a lot of people, be prepared to lose a few along the way.” Melisa Goldie, Calvin Klein, Chief Marketing Officer, Calvin Klein

“Everything we do is a collaboration, the secret is understanding your audience and knowing your brand.” Tracy Sedino, Founder, Linda Farrow

“Brands need to think about how they fit into their customers story rather than just telling their own.” Lou Ashton, Head of Digital, Topshop

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