We are Made of 1Hundred Marbles

Thu, 17 September 2015
1 hundred marbles

Continent-spanning new photography project 1Hundred Marbles is the brainchild of Oregon natives Jasem Dulany and  Derek Miller. Via their website, the duo are asking people globally to submit their replies to a series of questions – from “How do you define success?” to “What is goodbye?”.

Selected submissions will be matched up with a photographer from a different country. The photographers’ task will be to create an image that encapsulates their assigned quote.

Photos and quotes that make the cut will be published alongside each other in a new book. Photographers from Vietnam, Germany, South Korea, Kenya and the USA – both amateur and professional – have already signed up.

SUITCASE spoke to Derek about the upcoming book.

SUITCASE MAGAZINE: What does 1Hundred Marbles mean?

DEREK MILLER: The 1Hundred Marbles concept comes from a conversation we had about diversity. No two humans are the same, from biological differences to moral differences – each of us is unique. We wanted an analogy that could capture this understanding and so 1Hundred Marbles was born: each of us are made up of 100 marbles, 99 of those are what make us unique, or different, and the one left over is what ties us all together.

SM: How will you choose your photographers? Can you tell us a little bit about the ones you have signed up already?

DM: Our team has been busy scouring the internet to hand-select photographers. Once the decision is made that a photographer would make for a good fit with our project, we reach out to them. For the photographers who choose to participate, they will compete against other photographers from their country. Each set of photographers from a single country will be sent the same quote but only one will be chosen for the book.

SM: How will you assign quotes to photographers?

DM: Photographers will be assigned quotes that derive from someone in a country different than their own. For example, a photographer from Czech Republic will be assigned a quote from someone in Venezuela.

SM: Can you explain a little bit about how you came up with the idea for the project?

DM: We started out with a simple idea, to create a book that had the potential to bring people together from all walks of life. We wanted to create a book of images that any individual could pick up and read, and experience a plethora of opinions from people in different countries who they otherwise may never have had the opportunity to meet.

We believe that barriers and the stereotypes that exist between humans are the result of distance and lack of exposure. What if everyone could travel? It doesn’t take long for a person to realise how similar we all are once they set foot in a country other than their own. We realise that travelling is not a realistic option for everyone, but coming across a book is. The goal is to create a book that could have a positive impact on a 90-year-old lady from Russia and a six-year-old boy from Nigeria.

We want to create a book that can carry different meanings to each person that holds it.

SM: Which travel experiences have been most important for you personally?

DM: It’s a culmination of many experiences. Whether it’s playing soccer with people who speak a different language and only being able to communicate through hand gestures and laughter, stepping off a plane for the first time in a new country, or feeling that wave of emotion that comes over you when you fully immerse yourself into a new culture.

SM: When does the project kick off and when will you close submissions? When do you hope to have it published by?

DM: Right now, we expect the project to hit Kickstarter during the fall – our goal is to have a finished product by winter 2015.

For more information and to submit answers to the questions or register as a photographer, visit www.1Hundredmarbles.com

Interview by Olivia Gagan

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