A Journey Through Iran

Story: Why Iran?

I was asked constantly, both by my European friends and the local people I met along the way.

Why Iran?

For its ethnic diversity. Persians, Kurds, Turks, Lurs, Arabs, Turkmen and Baluchis are just some of those who make up the rich cultural tapestry, with the country referred to as the “cradle of civilisation”.

Why Iran?

For astrology, for the desert. To see Persepolis and the tomb of Darius the Great. For the “Hippie Trail” and the revolution – and the lack of tourists who have ventured there since. For homemade liqueurs and underground parties.

Why Iran?

To slip my moorings and see the world through a different lens. To meet people and experience places that challenge my preconceptions on a journey through a land that has much to teach.


These pictures were taken in November 2017, during a 17-day trip to Iran during which I walked the streets of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd with a point-and-shoot camera.