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Story: St Petersburg is a treasure trove of art and culture. Built by Italian architects, it has a European feeling and is often referred to as the “Venice of North” because of its numerous canals, palaces and piazzas. The first time I visited the city I was 17 and spent seven unforgettable years there. Now I live in Italy but there’s something about St Petersburg which makes me go back over and over again. So many great writers and poets were inspired here; its heritage is tangible at every turn. But what really makes St Petersburg special is its atmosphere. Mysterious and almost mystical, this city is so different from all the places I’ve ever been to. I love it’s muted tones, incredible light and the smell of frozen seaweed during the winter months.

Last time I visited St Petersburg it was an early spring. It’s an amazing time when the days become longer, the ice on the river and canals starts breaking up, and you can linger at a café over a cup tea and watch the ice floes passing by. You can wander the city all day long, with camera in your hands, breathing in the frosty air and enjoying the still beauty of the city.

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