Vol. 31

The Freedom Issue

Travel has always been synonymous with escape and The Freedom Issue explores this in myriad ways.

Canada • Cornwall • Ethiopia • Kurdistan • Papua New Guinea

Vol. 30

The Health Issue

The Health Issue is our spring spin on the concept of wellbeing travel with forest bathing, craft beer and good health

Andalusia • Japan • Nepal • Portland, Oregon • Puglia • West Sweden

Vol. 29

The Taste Issue

The Taste Issue is our epicurean grand tour of wild shorelines, low-key city neighbourhoods and sun-soaked islands.

Mauritius • Australia • Sicily • Lofoten Islands • Palestine

Vol. 28

The Cities Issue

As much as cities can be easy to dismiss, we tend to overlook the central character they play in the theatre of our lives.

Istanbul • Chicago • Athens • Lima • Uzbekistan • Warsaw

Vol. 27

The Books Issue

When we set out to write or read in a foreign land, we’re not just packing a book, but an inheritance of romantic aspirations.

Chile • Colombia • Dublin • Paris • Greece • Lagos

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Vol. 26

The Nostalgia Issue

Nostalgia can inspire, teach and give us an anchor both to where we came from and where we hope to go.

Botswana • California • Havana • Jordan • Rome • Zermatt

Vol. 25

The Pioneer Issue

For our 25th issue we discovered those who are pioneering a new kind of world, for the planet and all those who inhabit it.

Madagascar • Svalbard • Washington DC • Beirut • Malawi

Vol. 24

The Slow Issue

Today we live in two worlds – the futuristic world of the fast and the retrospective world of the slow.

Egypt • Finland • Japan • Mallorca • Portugal • Transylvania


Vol. 23

The Adventure Issue

The modern traveller believes that adventure is an escape from the manufactured in search of the authentic.

Bhutan • Iceland • New Zealand • Borneo • Gansu • Zambia

Vol. 22

The Design Issue

For travel, design isn’t just the latest luxury hotel but the remoulding of destinations as they adapt to changing cultures.

Bangkok • Detroit • Johannesburg • Shanghai • Taipei • Tel Aviv

Vol. 21

The Islands Issue

In The Islands Issue we examine isolation versus interdependence, tradition versus reinvention, borders versus freedom.

Hydra • Menorca • Venice • Nevis • Greenland • Fogo Island

Vol. 20


Identity is often established by where we call home. This issue explores the myriad ways we consider a destination as home.

Prague • Japan • Peru • Santa Monica • Sicily • Trancoso • Ladakh

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Vol. 19

The Wild Issue

This issue explores the wilderness – its ability to heal, inspire, evoke fear; and visit places where humans have left no trace.

Sri Lanka • Portugal • Kenya • Namibia • Zanzibar • Orkney

Vol. 18

The Rhythm Issue

Routines might be grounding, but we want to break free from the patterns we create; to travel and switch up the beat.

Bulgaria • Vienna • Corsica • Cali • Ghana • Tahiti

Vol. 17

Myths and Legends

Powerful stories inspire us as both children and adults and we can end up creating new tales of our own as we embrace new paths.

Ireland • Naples • Oxford • Tangier • Yosemite • Colorado

Vol. 16

The Spirit Issue

Travelling to Seville, Texas and Tibet, we explored what it means to have a true sense of spirit and freedom without restraint.

Seville • Taipei • Palm Springs • Tbilisi • Texas • Tibet

Vol. 15

The Good Life

In different languages, cultures and times, what it means to live well has challenged some of the world’s greatest minds.

Barcelona • Belize • Costa Rica • Maldives • Tuscany • Kerala

Vol. 14

The Art Issue

Art helps us explore communities and ultimately allows us to understand the cultural contexts behind extraordinary creativity.

Marrakech • Mexico City • New York • Oaxaca • Hudson

Vol. 13


Through travelling to far-flung destinations and profiling pioneers, we find there is so much of the unknown left to discover.

Iceland • Iran • Sydney • Melbourne • Antarctica • Sedona

Vol. 12

Our Planet

We explore the destinations and travel initiatives helping to ensure future generations can enjoy the world as much as we do.

Bergen • Bornholm • Oslo • Dominica • Galapagos • Portland, Oregon • Quito

Vol. 11


Dive into the depths of some of the world’s most beautiful oceans, seaside towns and cities that revolve on, in or around water.

Cornwall • Greece • Montreal • Philippines • Toronto • Vancouver

Vol. 10


The celebration of life has many faces: we party-hop across the globe to celebrate music, creativity, frivolity and spirit.

Delhi • Jaipur • Mumbai • New Orleans • Las Vegas • Los Angeles • Stockholm

Vol. 9

Food and Drink

We sample Korean BBQ in Seoul, sushi in Tokyo, dim sum in Hong Kong and the many Michelin-starred restaurants in San Sebastián.

Hong Kong • Seoul • Tokyo • Portland, Maine • San Sebastián

Vol. 8


We explore the cities at the heart of the tech revolution. These cities offer innovations that give travel a new perspective.

Berlin • Dublin • London • San Francisco • Florianópolis