Paperboy x SUITCASE

We have teamed up with luxe stationer, Paperboy London, to create a collection of notebooks for jotting down all your travel plans.

A twin pack includes:
  • 2 x A6 Pocket Notebooks
  • Thread-sewn Spine
  • Foil Blocked detail on cover.
  • Designed in London. Pressed in England
  • Hand finished
  • 105 x 148mm

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Vol. 20 Homelands

  • Prague
  • Japan
  • Sicily
  • Peru
  • Santa Monica
  • Ladakh
  • Trancoso
Identity is often established in relation to where we call home. But the act of travel can call into question our sense of place. Does “home” refer to the town in which we were born or where we say that we’re from? Is it better defined by where we spend the majority of...

Vol. 19 The Wild Issue

  • Sri Lanka
  • Portugal
  • Zanzibar
  • Kenya
  • Orkney
  • Namibia
This issue is a celebration of the wilderness – of its ability to heal, to inspire, and even to evoke fear. In this age where our every movement is tracked and logged, it can feel like the greatest luxury to visit places where human footprints have left no discernible trac...