Pioneer Bundle

What drives people to trek to the ice-blasted plains of the Arctic? To invent technologies that change entire civilisations? To forge new communities in the creative corners of cities? Forever entwined, the pioneer cannot exist without travel and travel would not exist without the pioneer. Discover what and who is defining today’s spirit of exploration with The Pioneer bundle.

The Pioneer Magazine Bundle includes:
  • Volumes 13 (Boundaries), 8 (Tech), 7 (World Cup) and 5 (Making Waves)
  • Four volumes for £20 delivered globally
  • Save 17% with the bundle
  • FREE shipping in the UK
  • Discover Berlin, Iran, Portland, Antarctica, Punta del Este and many more

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Embrace the adventurous appetite of the next generation. SUITCASE Magazine challenges travel perceptions with thought-provoking photo journals, city guides and articles by award-winning international writers.

Starts with The Design Issue (Vol. 22)

Vol. 22 The Design Issue

When it comes to travel, design isn’t just the latest luxury hotel, but rather the remoulding of destinations as they adapt to changing cultural climates.

Rediscover Bangkok, Detroit, Taipei and Johannesburg

Lose yourself in the pages of SUITCASE Magazine as we explore uncharted landscapes

Vol. 21 The Islands Issue

  • Fogo Island
  • Hydra
  • Menorca
  • Greenland
  • Venice
  • Nevis
There exists inside each of us a strange longing to be shipwrecked. From the swashbuckling pirate tales of childhood to the desert island dreams we take refuge in as adults, the irresistible idea of life lived away from the mainland – and the mainstream – retains a tenac...

Vol. 20 Homelands

  • Prague
  • Japan
  • Sicily
  • Peru
  • Santa Monica
  • Ladakh
  • Trancoso
Identity is often established in relation to where we call home. But the act of travel can call into question our sense of place. Does “home” refer to the town in which we were born or where we say that we’re from? Is it better defined by where we spend the majority of...