Fish tacos at Blue OysteretteTacos at Blue Plate Oysterette

While Los Angeles may be known for sunshine and superstars, it has never received enough credit for its vibrant culinary scene, which has grown despite the fact that 50 per cent of the city’s inhabitants are on green-juice diets. Ever since tuna tartare was invented in 1984 at Chaya Brasserie, Beverly Hills, the L.A. culinary scene has evolved to such an extent that the city now hosts the largest restaurant week in the United States.

dineLA. is a two week-long event that showcases the diverse L.A dining scene. For two weeks, over 360 restaurants offer a selection of prix-fixe lunch and dinner menus. Visitors can explore the city through food with lunches beginning at $15 per person and dinners at $30. Given that eating your way through 360 restaurants is too ambitious for even the boldest of foodies, we chatted with dineL.A. director Stacey Sun to discover the six places you cannot miss.

Where: Restaurants are situated within all areas of Los Angeles. Restaurants offer different cuisine types and price points. See a full list here. When: January 19 – February 1 Price: $15 – $50

SUITCASE MAGAZINE: How did you become involved with DineL.A.?

STACEY SUN: dineL.A. is an L.A. Tourism programme that promotes everything food-related in Los Angeles. I have a knack for marketing, I’m obsessed with food and I was born and raised in L.A., so the role of director of dineL.A. really combines all of my passions.

SM: Why should L.A. be recognized as a serious food city?

SS: L.A. is a pioneer when it comes to food. A lot of iconic dishes were invented here such as Kogi tacos and tuna tartare. The Los Angeles culinary scene continues to evolve while always keeping quality top of mind and Angelenos are not afraid to try new things.

SM: What’s special about L.A.’s dining scene?

SS: Los Angeles has some of the best chefs in the world, access to the best produce and an audience that loves food. All of this combined has helped to make an exciting place to eat. Visitors can explore the city through food. You can find authentic Mexican, Italian, French, Chinese, Korean and Middle Eastern food. L.A. is global cuisine hub.

SM: How does the city change during Dine L.A.?

SS: There’s an elevated sense of community during dineL.A.’s Restaurant Week. Strangers sitting at the next table over will start asking each other about the different dineL.A. dishes they’ve tried. This event brings friends and family together and we also know it’s also a popular date night activity.

SM: 6 places you have to try during DineL.A.?

SS: ALIMENTO, a new neighbourhood Italian spot in Silver Lake.

EAST BOROUGH, a modern Vietnamese restaurant in Culver City. You have to order the grilled hanger steak, it has crab paste butter

BLUE PLATE OYSTERETTE has a killer lobster roll and key lime pie

BLD on Beverly Boulevard is making special honey buttermilk glazed doughnuts just for dineL.A.

AQUI ES TEXCOCO in Commerce is the only participating restaurant serving authentic Mexican lamb barbacoa and it’s amazing

NIGHT + MARKET serves up Thai street food on Sunset Blvd

Introduction by Victoria Drysdale

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