A Rising Star in the Form Of Izy Hossack, Author Of Top with Cinnamon

Meet Izy Hossack; the cook, photographer, writer and stylist that turned her award-winning blog, Top with Cinnamon, into a cookbook last year. Oh, and she’s not yet 20. The daughter of an architect and a potter, Izy grew up watching her Italian-American mother break the rules of quaint English cooking, and caught the bug as fast as she could stand.

“I always preferred that crazy style of American baking. English baking was always so safe and classic. I learned all of these exciting methods from my mum and grandma and was trying them out from a really young age,” Izy tells us.

In 2011, at the age of 15, she launched Top with Cinnamon and began sharing her baking skills with the world. “I was making up all of these recipes and scrawling them down on paper and just wanted a way to record them. So I started the blog,” she says. The site quickly became an Internet phenomenon (she now has almost 150k followers on Instagram) and soon Izy was balancing baking tins and A-level revision all at once. “It just kind of worked. Everyone finds time to do the things they love. I just found the time,” she says.

Izy’s salted rhubarb crumble bars, photo by Issy Croker

We caught up with Izy at her parents’ Putney home, where she busied herself making the most delicious salted rhubarb crumble bars for us to devour. We ask her if she tires of people commenting on her age, something we couldn’t help but do ourselves. Probably because at 15 our biggest achievements were our Bebo pages.

Everyone finds time to do the things they love. I just found the time.

“People do always mention my age. Sometimes they don’t take me seriously. I’ve run into a few problems because of it, so it’ll be nice to get away from that. But then, there are two sides to it. People are also interested because I’m young. It’s a double edged sword.”

Flicking through her book, Izy’s talents are hard to ignore. Her photographs are stunning, her styling is clean and contemporary and her recipes are mouthwatering. As well as building her blog, Izy has also contributed to Buzzfeed’s food column, written recipes for jamieoliver.com and just completed a month-long residency at Food52 in New York, where she worked on their ‘Halfway to Dinner’ articles.

Needless to say, Izy is moving upwards and onwards in the food industry. She will continue developing the Top with Cinnamon blog while reading nutrition at Leeds University. She tells us, “It’s what I like to do, so it’s easy for me to just do it.” Ever the multi-tasker, Izy is also thinking ahead to plans of a new book, “I think the appeal of food blogging is that it’s personal. It is someone’s life, and followers are along for the ride. My blog has changed so much, and people have changed with me.”

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