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Fri, 1 May 2015
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Photographer Marta Greber is the force behind our favourite food blog, What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today. Her site celebrates the endless possibilities of breakfast-time, merging artful photography and styling with creative morning recipes. Warsaw-native Marta is working to amplify breakfast culture, not just for its nutritional benefits, but for the precious time spent during mornings with loved ones. Whether it’s sharing eggs and regrets over brunch with friends on a Saturday morning, or returning home for stacks of toast and tea with parents, there is something about breakfast-time that pulls people together in one big coffee-scented moment.

Marta’s blog houses recipes that bring the most deadly morning-phobes (us) bounding out of bed to try them out. From fried apples on toast with coconut and almond, and savoury waffles with blue cheese and bacon, to beetroot crêpes and fruit pizza on cinnamon dough, Marta knows how to make getting out of bed appealing. She creates storyboards that demonstrate the cooking process, raw dough and golden bakes captured in dreamy photographs. On top of this, she scales the cafes and coffee shops of her hometown (Berlin) in search of the finest fare, a guide we followed shamelessly on our latest trip. All of her photographs are taken in her woody, light-flooded home, and illustrate mornings just as they should be; comfortable, warming and familiar.

On a recent escapade to Berlin, we met up with Marta and her picture-perfect baby Mia at Silo Café (which, the barista swiftly told her, she had “made famous”). She and her husband Tomasz have spent the last 10 years dotting around the globe, with stints in Barcelona, Southeast Asia and Tokyo. But Berlin is the place they now call home, and it has to be said that they couldn’t suit the place more. Marta moves in and around the city’s creative circles, working alongside its brightest photographers, artists and cooks. In her blog, she celebrates the city she has adopted as her own, and makes it look like the most charming place on Earth. Over coffee and baby gurgles, we discover more about the woman who has turned breakfast into the most irresistible meal of the day.

THE CURIOUS PEAR: Did you grow up in a food-obsessed household?

MARTA GREBER: No, not at all actually!

CP: What inspires your recipes?

MG: Traveling, people, the internet, friends, seasons, colours. Everything.

CP: What is a typical day like for you? MG: Right now it’s all about my baby girl. I definitely have a proper breakfast, otherwise it would be difficult to stay sane. Then it’s all about fun, laughing and staying outside. Literally.

CP: Tell us what you love about Berlin. MG: Berlin has this unique vibe. Everything is possible over here. If you have a good idea, people will support you. It’s full of delicious places, initiatives, friendly and open-minded people. It’s also tolerant and kind of slow. You can relax over here but still stay inspired and motivated.

CP: What changes have you noticed in the Berlin food scene recently? MG: I can see that it’s growing constantly. When I moved over here three years ago it was a city of supper clubs. Now we have all amazing initiatives like Street Food Thursday, Bite Berlin, Neue Heimat and so on.

CP: What is the best breakfast you’ve ever had, at home or abroad? MG: I must say at home, as I have a breakfast blog! But the one I’ll always remember was in Sydney in Bill’s restaurant in 2007. Amazing ricotta pancakes and to be honest, the first pancakes in my life. It had it all – maple syrup, bananas and it was fluffy and yummy. This is when my passion for breakfast began.

CP: What is your favourite place to have breakfast in Berlin? MG: It’s a difficult one. I truly like Roamers, it’s such a great and friendly place. They build a nice relationship with neighbours and local suppliers and are always happy to see you. Obviously the food is delicious as well, always fresh. But it’s a bit too far from where I live, so I don’t go there as often as I’d like to.

CP: Tell us 6 of your favourite places to eat in Berlin.

MG: Das Lokal Yumcha Heroes Katz Orange Volta La Bon Schneeweiss

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