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Hannah Bronfman is always on-the-go – from Miami one day to Paris the next. When she’s not busy DJing, sharing her favourite health recipes on her website HBFit, or walking the runway, this multi-tasker still finds time to relax and unwind, all while sourcing inspiration for her next big project.

SUITCASE MAGAZINE: Where are you headed this summer? For how long?

HANNAH BRONFMAN: This summer I am headed on a road trip to Cranberry Island, Maine for five days.

SM: What are you looking forward to the most over the trip?

HB: I am going with a great group of friends so I am really looking forward to cooking large meals and sharing great conversations!

SM: What is your best tip for discovering a city in the most authentic way?

HB: I always get amazing tips through Instagram! I’ll post that I’m going somewhere and I’m looking for local experiences and I get the most amazing responses!

SM: Any secrets to making travel as easy as possible?

HB: Travel can be simple and fun. I fly with a carry-on most of the time and if I can make the security ladies smile or laugh I know it’s going to be a good travel day. I like to have a task during my in-flight experience whether that is catching up on emails, a nap, prepping for a gig or testing out a few new beauty tricks. I also always travel with snacks like chia seed pudding, raw chocolate, seaweed and skinnypop.

If it’s an international flight or if I’m going to LA for 24 hours for work, I always try to keep my skin moisturised. I bring cleaning wipes, then a LED light face mask for 15 mins ($30 on Amazon and highly recommended) followed by face oil (whichever works for your skin, mine is very sensitive so I have to always keep that in mind). If you are really working with little to no sleep there are these under-eye Vitamin E patches that help reduce puffiness.

Wherever I am going I try to work out right after I land. Go for a run, hotel gym/in-room session or even a local class. If you can give your body 30 minutes or one hour of focus and breath, it will help you get on your new time zone more easily.

SM: You can only take a carry-on for a week-long trip. What makes the cut? 

HB: This pair of beautiful Tabitha Simmons sandals, a Lisa Marie Fernandez two-tone bodysuit, Frame Denim jeans and shirt, a Victoria, Victoria Beckham wool-blend gauze dress and these awesome Tamara Mellon fringed shorts.

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SM: Your #HBfit posts are inspiring. What’s your favourite packable workout gear? 

HB: My favourite things to bring on a trip to stay up with my fit game are a jump rope and a few bands. You can do both without a lot of room. I also always bring a swimsuit because you never know if you can do some laps or get a steam in.

SM: What has been your most memorable summer vacation so far? Why would you recommend it?

HB: I went to Barcelona when I was 16 and I highly recommend it to any teenager going abroad for a summer. I’ve had some incredible summers since then, but I really feel like that summer shaped my young adulthood.

SM: You have 24 hours to live. Where would you go, what would you see and what would you eat?

HB: I would go to Anguilla and have my whole family there to enjoy a tequila on the beach. I would eat as much fresh fruit, grilled cray fish and olive oil cake as possible.

SM: As a native New Yorker, where would you take friends for an unforgettable summer experience?

HB: I would take a bunch of friends to the North Folk to a cooking class where we could drink in the garden and make an unforgettable meal together. We could walk to the beach post-meal and spend the night with a beach bonfire, a couple of guitars, a few bottles of wine and nothing but laughs.

SM: How has traveling inspired you?

HB: Luckily being able to go around the world for work, I get to see so many things and meet different types of people. I ask a lot of questions to familiarise myself on how traditions came to be and I sometimes incorporate them into my own life.

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1. Most extravagant thing you’ve done on a summer getaway… Last summer we went to Portofino in Italy with some friends to a dinner that was only accessible by boat. I had insane pasta and delicious wine and the whole thing felt VERY exclusive.

2. Go-to summer cocktail… Tequila on the rocks with lime.

3. Best place for a midnight snack… My kitchen.

4. Ideal celebrity travel companion (dead or alive)? Brendan Fallis.

5. What event are you most excited for this summer? So excited to be DJing the VH1 Save The Music Event in the Hamptons.

Words by Natalie Haimo

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