Pippa Murray

There are only a few people in this world who don’t love peanut butter. And frankly, we don’t think they should be trusted. After settling for Skippy for many years, we discovered Pip and Nut at Sourced Market (one of our favourite London haunts) and haven’t looked back since. Pip and Nut was founded last year by Pippa Murray, a marathon queen who wanted to create natural fuel for long distance runners. So, not us then. Pip tells us: “With food, you either create a category or you disrupt one that’s very traditional. So I did that. There were plenty of nut butter companies, but most of them were filled with palm oil or sweeteners. I wanted to get creative and make something healthy but, more importantly, delicious.”

Pip and Nut is a company born from community support. After discovering Crowd Cube, Pip raised the money to launch the brand through the power of crowdfunding. Not, as we initially thought, crowd surfing. “With crowd-funding you can pool loads of people in and raise the amount you need. It’s literally that pack mentality, a bit like when there’s queue and you want to join it. It’s so powerful,” Pip explains. “People almost treat it like gambling. It’s exciting and tempting, and they like to be involved in the journey of a company, however small their stake. There’s a sense of community in crowdfunding. You feel like you’ve got people rooting for you.”

After just nine days on Crowd Cube, Pip’s target fund had been raised. “It was such a relief. You kind of feel like you’ve thrown yourself off a cliff and you’re just hoping for the best result,” she says laughing. After that, the peanut shaped stars aligned once more, when Pip got a call telling her she had won a competition by Escape the City to live rent-free in Battersea for three months to build her brand. Within the hour, she had quit her production job at the Science Museum to move in to her new home. The catch? The new home in question was a small garden shed. “They phoned me at 8AM while I was at the museum. I was half ecstatic and half thinking ‘Oh my God I have to live in a shed now…’” Pip tells us. “The irony is that it’s the most amazing place I’ve ever lived in London. It was beautiful, and gave me this amazing window of time to work on Pip and Nut.”

There’s little Pip wouldn’t do for her company now, but she does have one rule: “I always said that if I had to move out of London for the company then that would be it. I just refuse to leave,” she says. “I love it so much, the independence you can have here is amazing. I cycle everywhere, it feels so open and free. I could never leave. Not even for Pip and Nut.”

Happily though, it doesn’t look like Pip will have to migrate any time soon. Her butters are now sold in Selfridges, Partridges and As Nature Intended, and she has joined forces with fitness studios like Frame, BOOM Cycle and Equinox. Since the summer spent in her beloved shed, Pip and Nut has been churning out addictive, rich, creamy products – a classic peanut butter, an almond butter and a coconut almond butter. There are also a few new flavours in the works. All natural, all with just a little pinch of salt, and all with absolutely no palm oil. Even more reason for us to feel pretty good about eating spoonfuls of the stuff straight from the jar. This ‘good fat’ trend is just getting better and better.

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