The Pressery and the Elixir Of Life (aka Almond Milk)

Thu, 18 June 2015
Chi San-Wan and Natali Stajcic, The PresseryChi San-Wan and Natali Stajcic, photo by Issy Croker

Obviously, we love a best friend duo. As for a best friend duo that brings us something fresh, wholesome and delicious? Even better. Chi-San Wan and Natali Stajcic, owners and founders of The Pressery, are peddlers of one of London’s biggest health food crazes – almond milk.

The two met at a house party 10 years ago, bonding over an obsessive love of food. After noticing the serious lack of real almond milk on the market, the two set up The Pressery in 2014, determined to show the city what it had been missing. “I realised there was nothing ‘healthy’ about shop-bought dairy alternatives,” Chi tells us. “I started making nut milk at home and it just tasted so much better. Life was transformed!”

Mighty nut milk is the current darling of the wellness world, and The Pressery is happily riding the wave of this trend. “Our timing has definitely coincided with Londoners becoming more health conscious” Nat says. “I really believe we are still at the beginning of this change in attitude, which is very exciting.”

We think that anything extreme won’t last. A lifestyle choice has to be sustainable.

However, as current as their product may seem, these nut milk mavens are set on bringing almond milk into everyday habits. “I do believe that we will outlive this ‘trend’ status,” Chi tells us. “We think that anything extreme won’t last. A lifestyle choice has to be sustainable.”

Nat adds, “We’re all for having your pizza and red wine, just don’t forget to juice up some greens and down some almond milk. We love food and drink, you can’t be too strict!”

Chi San-Wan and Natali Stajcic, The Pressery
The Pressery

With four varieties (original, cacao, berry and turmeric) The Pressery offers all of the skin-glowing, stomach-flattening, digestive system-loving magic of nut milk in one beautiful and tasty little package. All of the milks are made with raw organic almonds from Spain, and can be found in fridges across the city.

We dropped in to Chi and Nat’s Haggerston headquarters to find out more about their nutty business, which is growing by the day. They love what they do, and where they are doing it. “There are infinite possibilities in London,” they say. “We live in such a vibrant, modern city. There is always something new going on. We couldn’t imagine working anywhere else right now.”

The two are walking billboards for the advantages of almond milk, suitably glossy-haired and sprightly. We had hit the milk bottle hard in no time. “It’s an amazing time and place to be in the food and drink industry” they explain. “We are earthlings who are constantly striving to be better, and once you see that food is power, there’s no going back. We want to go beyond trend, and create something that really endures.”

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