We Chat with Danielle Copperman, Founder Of Qnola

Fri, 8 May 2015
Danielle CoppermanDanielle Copperman

Danielle Copperman is a model, nutritionist, recipe guru and blogging star. You may have seen Vogue’s recent expedition into her kitchen, or found her heading the ‘fitspiration’ lists of your favourite wellness sites, but Danielle’s new line of ultra healthy breakfast product, Qnola, is fast becoming her biggest claim to fame. She began selling the quinoa-based cereal less than a year ago, launching in Selfridges in January.

After a few years successfully modelling, Danielle began reshaping her eating habits. “I used to be so unhealthy!” she tells us when we pay her a visit at home in Stoke Newington. “Modelling definitely influenced a change in my diet, I wanted to be healthy inside and out. I started researching and studying, and realised everything I thought was right was wrong.” After studying for a diploma in nutrition, Danielle began sharing her newfound wisdom with the world via her blog, Model Mange Tout.

Abandoning sugar, grains, gluten and wheat (“I know, it sounds intimidating!” she says) Danielle took to the kitchen to find clean alternatives to her favourite foods, sharing recipes on her site. In the midst of all this wholesome research, Danielle began experimenting with quinoa. Soon Qnola, a quinoa alternative to her beloved granola with no-added sugar, was born. With four flavours (and limited editions online), Qnola is now available in 18 shops across London – and more on the horizon.

London is the place to be right now for health food. This is where everything is happening.

She is currently in the process of magicking up a range of quinoa-based bars, clusters and cookies. “I really want to make it easy for people to snack,” she tells us. “Healthy readymade snacks are the hardest thing to buy. I want to bring something different to the table.” No more chocolate covered raisins for us, then.

Crucially, Danielle remains relaxed in her approach to healthy eating. She doesn’t preach or sermonise, she simply lends her knowledge and encourages awareness of the things we put in our bodies. Which doesn’t sound too scary… “It’s all about feeling healthy and vibrant,” she tells us. “This should be a long-term lifestyle change. Losing weight shouldn’t be the motivation, it’s so much more than that.”

In person, Danielle is the epitome of ‘wellness’ (a word we had literally never used before setting out on this feature). She fits perfectly into the new collective of young women pushing for a healthy eating revolution in the UK, and recently took her talents to Paradise, cooking a dairy/gluten/sugar-free supperclub feast for a band of health food lovers. “There’s such a strong community of women in food here at the moment, everyone just loves what they are doing and constantly want to share it with each other.” She says, “London is the place to be right now for health food. This is where everything is happening.”

Danielle’s Top 5 London Eats

THE GOOD LIFE EATERY 59 Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DH, 020 7052 9388

NAMA 110 Talbot Road, London W11 1JR, 020 7313 4638

JUICE BABY 398 King’s Road, London SW10 0LJ, 020 7351 2230

JUICE TONIC 3 Winnett Street, London W1D 6JY, 020 7434 3706

DETOX KITCHEN 10 Kingly Street, London W1B 5PJ, 020 7439 9386


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