Orso Heladería

Despite Bogota’s chilly evenings, you can almost always find someone with an ice cream in hand. Orso has become a local favourite for its extensive selection of flavours churned out Italian-style. You can find this creamy indulgence at three central locations but the Chapinero shop tucked away on a discreet alley in Zona G is arguably the most charming.

Les Amis Bizcocheria

Les Amis is one of several boutique bakeries catering to the increasing demand for artisanal baked goods beyond what is typically offered at a traditional panaderia. The freshly made sweet and savory treats here draw influence from around the world. Popular choices include the Argentinian arepas, local-style obleas and French-inspired macarons. Discover this quaint café on the second floor of an enchanting colonial home by ringing the doorbell outside and making your way up the grand spiral staircase.

Salvo Patria

What started as a neighborhood café dedicated to exposing local palates to high quality coffee has grown to focus on food as its means of education. Salvo Patria raises awareness of local farmers and Colombia’s diverse bounty with inventive dishes that each carry their own story. Don’t let all the excitement over the daily changing menu make you forget about the coffee – an invigorating accompaniment to the refreshing desserts.

Quinua y Amaranto

Ajiaco, a hearty potato stew with corn and shredded chicken, is the quintessential Bogota dish, and it is said that the best version is found at Puerta Falsa. But on Saturdays only, an arguably even better interpretation of ajiaco can be found across the street at Quinua y Amaranto. This charming two-storey restaurant is worth a return visit during the week to experience its vegetarian set lunch menu. Arrive early, it sells out almost every day.

De/Raíz Cocina Café

While Bogotá’s vegetarian offerings have grown tremendously, few restaurants have achieved a successful balance of atmosphere, value and quality quite like De/Raiz. Creative vegan creations, such as an almond-cheese board and mushroom wings, are served in this beach-style space set in a charming historic house. Don’t miss the drinks menu which includes sustainable wines, craft beers and a plethora of non-alcoholic, healthy beverages including a spirulina latte and activated charcoal lemonade.


Set in an enchanting colonial home in La Candelaria, the historic district known for its inexpensive set lunches, Prudencia is boldly redefining the fixed lunch concept. The menu here changes weekly based on produce available from local producers; chef Mario Rosero is constantly innovating to ensure that no dish is ever repeated. Consistent however, is his respectful approach, using techniques such as fermentation to maintain the integrity of the ingredient.

Leo Restaurant

Looking to experience Colombia’s diverse cuisines without stepping foot outside Bogota? Leo is the restaurant for you. Celebrity chef Leonor Espinosa has teamed up with local biologists and producers to research the traditional ingredients of disenfranchised Indigenous, Afro-descendant and peasant communities. What results is an extravagant, 15-course tasting menu, complemented by Indigenous wines and fermented drinks, that celebrates Colombia’s history, biodiversity and chef Leo’s mastery in the kitchen.

  • +57 1286 7091
  • Go to Website
  • Calle 27B, 6-75
    Pasaje Mompox, Centro Internacional


Originally founded in 2001, Mini-Mal promoted a farm-to-table ethos long before it became a trend. Chef Eduardo Martinez and his partner Antonuela Ariza work closely with Colombian producers and Indigenous communities located across the country to bring forgotten ingredients to the plate. What results is a surprising and educational dining experience unlike any other in the city. Don’t miss the lemon-seasoned ants served with tucupi sauce, a paste made by the elderly women of a nearby Indigenous community.


Set in the neighbourhood of La Macarena, close to the Santamaría bullring – worth a visit, even if you’re against bullfighting – this airy restaurant serves succulent Colombian dishes prepared with traditional cooking techniques. They have the best yuca in town.

Andres Carnes de Res

A one-of-a-kind experience, Andres de Res combines Colombian gastronomy with a party. The restaurant is actually in a nearby municipality called Chia, but it’s well worth the short trek. The extensive menu can be a bit overwhelming – give the arepa de choclo or the toston con todo, a Colombian-style pizza with a plantain base, a try. Lively and colourful, a large Colombian party follows the meal and lasts until the following morning.


With three well-positioned locations, hitting up Abasto shouldn’t be a problem. The restaurant values their farm-to-table concept using fresh, local products. One of the locations, Abasto Bodega, doubles as a restaurant and market, so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Cuarto Frio

Located near Virrey Park, Cuarto Frio’s unassuming exterior could be confused with a walk-in industrial freezer. Slip beneath the PVC strip curtain to find an exquisite restaurant stocked with an array of local, seasonal ingredients used to create exquisite, tapas-style dishes. Discover yucca, which mimics the best patatas bravas in Spain but from a plant, and lulo, an incredible fruit that makes for a refreshing drink when combined with water or, even better, milk. Sit at the bar for the best experience and look down into the kitchen as dozens of Breton-stripe-clad chefs make magical dishes in perfect synergy.

Canasto Picnic Bistro

Canasto’s motto – conscious food (comida consciente) – is written on one of its walls and practised in every element of the experience there. Even on the place mats there are beautiful illustrations and text that give you insightful facts and information about various ingredients, including flowers – expect to be served a lot of edible flowers. You can eat the delicious, healthy fare (70 per cent of the menu is vegan or vegetarian – try the beetroot carpaccio) in the inside-outside-style bright terrace overlooking Virrey Park or find yourself your own favourite spot to eat – taking your food away in a perfectly packed picnic basket. 


  • +57 13 001 184
  • Go to Website
  • Calle 88, 13a - 51
    Lado sur del parque

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