Rudas Baths

Budapest has plenty of thermal baths; if you fancy some time travel while soaking in hot water, go for Rudas Baths. This dimly lit hammam will transport you back to the 16th century, when the building was erected during Budapest’s century-and-a-half Ottoman occupation. Don’t miss the outdoor hot tub perched above the newer wing of the building.


The most convenient way to discover Budapest on two wheels is BuBi, the city’s public bike-sharing system. With 1,506 bikes and 125 docking stations, BuBi provides excellent coverage of the inner parts of Pest (hilly Buda is a different story) and for less than the equivalent of €2 access fee, you can pedal away for a whole day as long as you split your trips into 30-minute intervals. Cycling down the stately Andrássy Avenue, Budapest’s version of the Champs-Élysées, is an especially enjoyable ride. MOL Bubi tickets can be purchased by bankcard from the touchscreen terminals at docking stations, on the website or via the app.

Hungarian Parliament Building

This dramatic limestone building dominating its Danube bank was built during Budapest’s golden era, when the city was a capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As part of a light, 50-minute guided tour you will learn about Hungary’s tumultuous history and get a glimpse into the former floor of the Upper House and other ornate halls. On your way out, pass by the imposing Liberty Square for more royal buildings from this period.

Palace Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is undoubtedly the in vogue part of town, but more locals and plugged-in tourists are frequenting the neighbouring Palace Quarter as an alternative to the packed streets of District 7. Besides impressive pre-war mansions, the Palace Quarter sports a growing number of restaurants and bars. For a family-run tapas bar go to Padron; try excellent food from Puglia at Al Dente, then wash it all down with drinks at the bourgeois-bohemian Lumen Café.

  • Horánszky u.

Hold Street Market Hall

This enormous, 19th-century downtown market-hall-turned-food-court is becoming Budapest’s number one food destination. Leading Hungarian chefs have been opening a slew of fast-casual eateries here, offering excellent, wallet-friendly lunch meals. Try Buja Disznók for oversized pork schnitzels or A Séf utcája for slow-cooked sausage with onions and mustard.

Rudas Baths

Hungarian Parliament Building

Hold Street Market Hall

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