Eight of our Favourite Bauhaus-Inspired Hotel Rooms to Bed Down In

Tue, 18 February 2020

The 20th century’s most influential design and architecture school is famed for its form, function and stripped-back urbanism. A movement that carried itself across the globe shaping politics, culture and societies, today design disciples can bed down in buildings designed by Bauhaus bigwigs, stay in rooms filled with Bauhaus icons and check into minimalist hotels awash with trademark steel, concrete and glass furnishings.

Here’s our curated collection of hotel bedrooms inspired by the masters of modernism.

Eight hotels from Tel Aviv to Berlin for the Bauhaus obsessed

The Qvest Cologne

Filled with owner Michael Kaune’s extensive collection of modernist furniture, The Qvest is akin to a design museum. Spot the Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia, the Eames’ Walnut Stool and the Toio floor lamp created by Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

Hotel Montefiore Tel Aviv

In the early 1930s many German-Jewish architects fled to Tel Aviv after Hitler closed down the Berlin-based school. Adapting Bauhaus principles to suit the scorching Middle Eastern sun, the set constructed more than 4,000 buildings using neutral plaster, curbed exteriors and long, narrow balconies. Hotel Montefiore favours the pared-back aesthetic with its monochrome colour scheme, while the cowhide is a playful take on Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona chair.

BURSA Hotel Kiev

Restrained interiors reign at this contemporary Kiev bolthole – it’s all clean lines, uncluttered spaces and exposed piping set against bare brick walls with the odd splash of block colour.  Be sure to stop by the art gallery on the ground floor.


Boundary London

Each of the Boundary’s 17 bedrooms pay homage to influential 20th-century designers and architects. The Bauhaus Room is bedecked in a primary-colour scheme and features replicas of iconic furniture from the school, such as the B33 chair designed by Marcel Breuer. Swot up on the design movement courtesy of the German art literature strewn on the bedside table.

Bauhaus Studio Building Dessau

Designed by Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius, 28 studios at the school’s former workshop in Dessau have been transformed into dorm-like rooms filled with replicas of key pieces of furniture from the modernist period. The rooms are pretty sparse – but that’s the point.

Aspen Meadows Resort Aspen

After the Bauhaus Design School was shuttered in 1933 due to mounting political pressure, its teachers and students dispersed across the globe to continue spreading its influence. Aspen Meadows, first a college campus now repurposed into a hotel, was designed by Bauhaus alumni Herbert Bayer, with classic Bauhaus white cubist interiors, flat roofs and predominantly primary colour palette.

The Robey Chicago

Chicago’s grit goes hand in hand with the industrial function of Bauhaus. Amid the skyscrapers and brownstone buildings, The Robey champions the spirit of Bauhaus. Natural materials are favoured, furnishings are simple and in most rooms you’ll find Breuer’s revolutionary Cesca design – one of the first mass-produced chairs to hit the market.

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  • 2018 W North Avenue
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    IL 60647

Soho House Berlin

Bauhaus with a little bit of Brit style thrown in, Soho House Berlin mixes utilitarian design with Damien Hirst artworks and a dash of jewel-coloured velvet pomp. Housed in a restored Bauhaus building in the Mitte district, the stark building was originally a Jewish-owned department store before it was taken over by Hitler’s Youth and then became a Communist archive. Original concrete walls and columns sit side by side with Wilhelm Wagenfeld-inspired table lamps and tubular steel drinks trolleys.

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