Berns Hotel Stockholm

HOTEL NAME: Berns Hotel

LOCATION: Stockholm, Sweden

OVERALL IMPRESSION:  A boutique hotel with a heck of a lot of history that shows continuing support to the arts through its salon-inspired attitude.

BEST FOR: A central, highly convenient and luxurious base when visiting Stockholm at any time of year (especially during Fashion Week).

ATMOSPHERE: Fashion-art-house meets the debauched days of Oscar Wilde.

DESIGN: A beautiful old building containing a majestic ballroom filled with sparkling chandeliers and an eclectic mix of rooms. We like the Clock Suite (situated behind the original Berns Salonger building’s iconic clock face).

WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST? A little Scandinavian breakfast buffet with everything you could desire from eggs to cereal. Avoid the fish paste and you’re golden.

HOW ABOUT LUNCH AND DINNER?  Home to one of the best Asian restaurants in town – award-winning dim sum, sushi and Thai curries with a Swedish twist. Don’t miss their sake cocktail list. In the summer there is also an outdoor courtyard dining area, which serves a mean goat’s cheese salad.

IS THERE A BAR? Yes, there are two…and two clubs (Gallery 2.35:1). Note: The Swedes are partial to the ‘club-within-a-club’ concept. It is one of the hottest night clubs in town where different artists are commissioned to decorate it differently each season. There is the feeling that anything can happen here – probably why a ‘no photos’ policy is enforced.

THE SERVICES OFFERED ARE… Guests are given a VIP wristband that will grant them access to the hotel’s nightclub as well as several in the surrounding area including, Club Ambassadeur, Hell’s Kitchen, White Room and Spy Bar. The hotel works to bring big acts to Stockholm such as Rihanna. While there she held an ‘intimate’ concert in the ballroom for 1,200 people.


WITHIN A SHORT WALK YOU CAN FIND: The bar at the Nobis Hotel, a plethora of restaurants, bars and shops, including the infamous Acne store.

A FACT: In 1863 Berns was something of a party hall, where cabaret shows played alongside orchestras. At a time when ladies couldn’t even show their ankles, there were dancers on the tables. Marlene Dietrich and Ella Fitzgerald used to stay in room 431.

Words by @SerenaGuen

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