1. @thefeedfeed

This cookery website fuelled by the Instagram brigade is run by Julie Resnick, alongside @thefeedfeed.vegan, @thefeedfeed.chocolate and the @thefeedfeed.glutenfree, meaning there’s something for everyone.

2. @ks_ate_here

Kar-Shing Tong made his debut in the food world back in 2012, when he began photographing his meals out. He then turned his attention to street food and started photographing KERB stall traders as well as helping out.

3. @drizzleanddip

Sam Linsell is a food stylist, photographer and cookbook author based in Cape Town. Tired of working for other people she decided to build a career based around food – and boy are we glad she did.

A post shared by Sam Linsell (@drizzleanddip) on

4. @mrjackbaker

Mouth-watering photographs of mostly burgers, sweet treats and oysters, Jack gets stuck in with street food which fill his feed with various cuisines. Spot him at KERB, Maltby Street or Druid Street markets in London.

A post shared by Jack Baker (@mrjackbaker) on

5. @thecuriouspear

Photography and writing duo Issy and Meg create beautiful visual stories. With an Instagram feed set out like a photo book and captions to lure you in, it’s the perfect go-to for food recommendations in London.

6. @symmertrybreakfast

One of the most famous foodies we follow is Symmetry Breakfast, in which Michael photographs the beautiful dishes he creates for him and his husband every morning. Serious breakfast goals.

7. @drakeoncake

Love Drake, love cake? This is the perfect Instagram for you. Featuring the prettiest cakes with the catchiest lyrics made by @joythebaker. Just brilliant.

A post shared by @drakeoncake on

8. @cottagefarm

New England-based Krissy is no one-hit wonder. Photographer, cook, stylist and events designer, her photographs are minimal and stylish – a good one if you’re in need of some inspiration.

A post shared by Krissy (@cottagefarm) on

9. @themodernproper

Natalie and Holly are both recipe developers, photographers, food stylists and homemakers. They decided to create a blog together and believe in sharing life through great food around their own tables. Minimal place settings and colourful healthy dishes fill their vibrant feed.

10. @izyhossack

Despite studying food science and nutrition, this trailblazing 21 year old still has time to cook, bake and create a recipe book, showing flourishing foodies how to bake sweet treats and cook healthy eats without breaking the bank.

11. @iamafoodblog

A food blog found by Steph and Mike dedicated to fun and colourful photographs. They’re inspired by the things they eat while travelling as well as random ingredients in the fridge. Don’t forget to check out their cookbook and blog.

A post shared by food & travel (@iamafoodblog) on

12. @taraobrady

Based in Canada, Tara lives her life through food, with a cookbook called Seven Spoons which is also the name of her website. Her flat-lay images will make you want to be a lot more creative in the kitchen.

A post shared by tara o’brady (@taraobrady) on

13. @_foodstories_

Berlin-based food stylist Nora and photographer Laura create stunning food narratives with dishes presented against dark backgrounds. All their recipes are both vegetarian and gluten free.

14. @gatherandfeast

Gather and Feast is a food blog run by Australian Ashley, who got the idea from gathering the freshest food and her best friends around the table to feast. Her images are extremely tasteful, especially those filled with colourful fruit.

15. @food_feels

James is close to our heart as a lover of both food and travel. Across his feed you’ll find a perfect balance between sweeping landscapes and tantalising plates – which will leave you feeling pretty damn hungry.

A post shared by Food Feels (@food_feels) on

16. @clerkenwellboyec1

SUITCASE contributor Clerkenwell Boy has got to be one of our all-time foodie favourites. It seems that others agree as his Instagram following is over 150k and he has become one of the most influential people on the London food circuit.

17. @lifeandthyme

A storytelling Instagram feed run by a small group of food lovers from LA who share global stories of food culture through sharp photographs of a variety of cuisines and restaurant interiors.

A post shared by Life & Thyme (@lifeandthyme) on

18. @careynotcarrie

A photographer, stylist and food enthusiast from Vermont who photographs food, drinks and travels with clean, sophisticated finish.

19. @nourish_atelier

A creative mother from The Netherlands, Nina invites her followers to watch her in her digital kitchen. Her recipes are vegetarian and vegan, though also she encourages meat-eaters to be inspired by her recipes.

A post shared by Nina Olsson (@nourish_atelier) on

20. @mollyyeh

Molly is a baker who recently switched up her city life for farm living, where she bakes, writes and takes photos – proving that you really can have your cake and eat it. If you, too, like cake, be sure to check out her cookbook Molly on the Range.

A post shared by molly yeh (@mollyyeh) on

21. @ladyandpups

‘An angry food blog’ was created by Mandy in Beijing, which became an outlet for her frustrations after transitioning from New York to China. Mandy’s kitchen creations look delightful, and not just because of the expert photography.

A post shared by Mandy Lee (@ladyandpups) on

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