Velvety, milky, mounds of temporary joy, gelato is our favourite Italian elixir.

1. Alberto Marchetti, Turin, Piedmont

Not all gelatos are created equal. For a taste of nostalgia, opt for the farina bona – a pudding flavour we’ve loved since infancy. The tangy mandarin is another scoop to seek out while you’re here.

2. Gelateria Buonocore, Capri, Campania

Enjoy Gelateria Buonocore’s crispy cones straight off the waffle-maker. The tart lemon sorbet is unsurprisingly delicious (and given the tepid cones, it’s best eaten swiftly).

3.Gelateria I Caruso, Rome, Lazio

Peep over the counter to witness fruits, nuts and chocolates creamed and whipped into gelato at Gelateria I Caruso. Traditional flavours are among the gelateria’s best sellers, but you can’t go wrong with a seasonal fruit cremolata with a dollop of panna on top.

4. Gelateria Crispini, Spoleto, Umbria

By wedding three types of Sicilian pistachios, coating them in sugar and adding a splash of Madagascar vanilla before roasting them for 24 hours, Gelateria Crispini has whipped up the world’s best pistachio gelato.

5. Il Massimo del Gelato, Milan, Lombardy

When the Milanese hustle and bustle gets too much, make a pit stop at Il Massimo del Gelato and choose from seven varieties of chocolate-flavoured scoops, ranging from 100 per cent cacao to bitter, milkier and fruitier versions.

6. Caffè Sicilia, Noto, Sicily

Corrado Assenza is the owner of Caffè Sicilia, the gelateria world’s best-kept secret. Form an orderly line (probably the only one of its kind you’ll find in Sicily) – this one is worth the wait. Locals opt for mandorla gelato and lemon-blackberry granita; it’s best to follow suit.

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