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The nightlife is just one reason why Downtown LA has been compared to New York. Small speakeasy bars and K-Town culture have made this area the coolest place to go out in the city.

To Drink

Angel City Brewery Arts District

Located in a large warehouse in the arts district, The Angel City Brewery is the perfect place to drink during the day and not feel bad about it. They offer a number of different events and brewery tours for like-minded beer drinkers, but it’s also a great place to meet with large groups of friends. On Sundays they hold the run+yoga+beer event; a 2 mile run around downtown L.A., an hour of Vinyasa flow and a pint to celebrate. How very un-L.A.

  • +1 213 622 1261
  • Go to Website
  • 216 S Alameda Street
    Los Angeles

Perch Downtown

For the best view of the L.A. skyline, head for a cocktail at Perch. It tends to draw in a corporate crowd, and the views are nothing short of breathtaking. Order the truffle fries for a late night snack.

  • +1 213 802 1770
  • Go to Website
  • 448 South Hill Street
    Los Angeles

The Lash

Halfway between a club and a bar, The Lash is perfect if you’re looking for something a bit darker than scintillating Hollywood nightlife. A concept bar, club, performance and social space founded by musician Ross O’Carroll and designed by visual artist Erik Hart, you’ll find some of the hottest underground DJs and in-the-know musicians hanging out and playing at The Lash.Look at their Facebook page for upcoming events and to check if the music is to your taste.

The Normandie Club

Half of the brains behind this hotly anticipated new Koreatown cocktail bar is downtown nightlife king Cedd Moses, the same man responsible for The Varnish. The Normandie Club is a more spacious version of the speakeasy bar, with the same calibre of cocktails. The dark leather sofas, brick walls and carpeted floors give it an old-world feel but it’s a new and sure to be welcomed atmosphere for Koreatown.


Don’t expect dive bars and dirty drinks, Koreatown takes karaoke seriously. And there’s no better example of this than nightlife kings The Houston Brothers setting up four karaoke suites in their 80s theme lounge Break Room 86 at The Line – not to be missed. For an old-school option head to Palmtree L.A. where all rooms are private and illuminated with neon lights to get you in the mood for songs as disco-glam as ABBA or pop as sickly-sweet as Ashlee Simpson. You can sing in English, Japanese or Korean and rooms vary in size from 4 to 50 people. A large private room will set you back a mere $40, cocktails are $12 and beers around $6. For a more serious environment head to Rosen Music Studio where private rooms come with leather sofas and sleek flatscreens.

The Varnish

This tiny, prohibition-style speakeasy is hidden behind a door at the French restaurant Cole’s. Music is low, lighting is lower and their intimate wooden booths are perfect for a double date. Famous for their cocktails, you’re in good hands so try the bartender’s choice.


A dream for some and a nightmare for others, EightyTwo is a bar-cum-arcade where you can play old-school pinball and pac-man with a beer. This is somewhere you’d bring a date that’s seen it all, or perhaps Mark Zuckerberg.

Angel City Brewery


The Lash

The Normandie Club

Break Room 86

Palmtree L.A.

Rosen Music Studio

The Varnish


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