If you watched Grease half as many times as we did in our formative years, you’ll have built a solid foundation in time-warped interiors, strawberry milkshakes and Googie-style signage. These retro LA joints epitomise that nostalgia. Drive by, dive in and order large.

1. Rod’s Grill

By the time they’re ringing up your order on the archaic cash register you’ll be wooed by the vintage flavour Rod’s Gill deals in. Committed to its aesthetic, this 1940s diner is warm and welcoming and service comes with a smile. Be seduced by a soundtrack of era-appropriate serenades to get in the right frame of mind before making any big decisions – like ordering. For the best breakfast for miles around, order the apple-sausage omelette. Don’t @ us, just do it. Consisting of sweet apple chunks and spicy sausage folded into an omelette and topped with a generous layer of Jack cheese. This is hangover food at its finest (and possibly greasiest).

2. 101 Coffee Shop

Decades old, this 1960s-style diner is a serious time warp. Light radiates from spherical pendant lamps and bounces off blue-trimmed, earth-tone tiles and breakfast is served all day. If you’re in the mood for something a more substantial than bacon and eggs, look to the sandwiches portion of the menu. The BLT – which comes with a mix of sweet potato and regular fries – is the downright favourite here and when paired with a 50/50 Shake (made with orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream and as bad for your teeth and as good for your soul as you’d expect) is nothing short of blissful.

3. Bob’s Big Boy

Built in 1949, this Burbank outpost is the oldest surviving Bob’s Big Boy location. Fast-food historians in their tens will be chuckled by the kitsch and rotund Big Boy figure that awaits your arrival roadside. For a little pop-culture history, there’s a booth dedicated to the Beatles who once dined here and David Lynch fans will be taken by the director’s daily 2.30PM stop off to slurp down a chocolate milkshake (which comes with a side of extra blended ice cream). If it’s busy, the car park also serves a second dining room where a carhop service is available on Saturday and Sunday nights.

4. Rae’s

A characterful spot, Rae’s oozes chintz. There are clusters of globe pendant lamps over the counter, red booths for canoodling and blue bar stools punching up the interior’s already cheerful turquoise backdrop. While service is clipped, we can overlook this when you consider Rae’s low (low) prices. For a taste of diner food at its most authentic order the half-pound burger. While you chown down on your order, outside, Rae’s glowing neon trim and Googie-style signage stands endearingly oblivious to the passing of time.

5. Pann’s

Come in search of comfort food, stay for the comforting vibe. Gloat-worthy interiors comprise of pyramidal lamps, a diamond-shaped clock and white (at one time, at least) bar stools. The perfectly preserved neon sign (complete with starburst ornaments) is sure to beckon you inside this family-run joint. While fried chicken isn’t the only thing on the menu, it might as well be. Succulent and crispy – with a dusting of Cajun spice – it’s as finger-licking good as that found in Kentucky. Arrive in time for breakfast? The fried chicken and waffles are a must. Wash down with a specialty milkshake – the creamy chocolate-banana shake is large enough for two.

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