While its name normally conjures images of white sandy shores and tropical climes, the Bahamas is currently in a state of destruction. Hurricane Dorian – one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded – has caused unprecedented damage and devastation throughout the islands. Entire communities, homes and businesses have been demolished, and the death toll is still rising.

From combating climate change to donating to relief charities, here are three ways you can help.

1. Donate money

As is the case with most natural disasters, money is needed to help the country recover and rebuild. International Medical Corps are requesting donations to support their medical, mental health and psychosocial support servers, while the Bahamas Red Cross have 200 volunteers waiting to provide aid to those in need. Visit bahamasredcross.org to donate now.

Celebrity Chef José Andrés and his non-profit organisation World Central Kitchen are on standby to start cooking for people as soon as he can reach the islands. Help with food relief efforts by donating to the charity here.

2. Donate supplies

As important as money is, people are most urgently in need of clothing, toiletries and non-perishable food. If you live near the area, charities such as BAHAMASTRONG, National Association of the Bahamas and Miami-Dade county are collecting supplies via drop-off locations throughout Florida. Find your nearest one here.

3. Combat climate change

There is an irrefutable link between climate change and the increase in natural disasters, however Hurricane Dorian has highlighted further potential problems resulting from global warming. Hurricane stalling – a phenomenon when the storm pauses for prolonged periods of time over a single are – is becoming increasingly common. Scientists claim that rising sea levels and warmer air temperatures allow hurricanes to hold more water, produce more rain, and have increased wind speed. Making small changes to your lifestyle can help combat climate change and global warming. minimising the potential for future catastrophes. Using less plastic, travelling on foot when possible, and reducing your red meat consumption are all ways you can live more sustainably.

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