CITY, COUNTRY: Bushwick, New York


BEST FOR: A small group of friends or very casual, fun (patient) date.

RECOMMENDED DAY AND TIME TO VISIT: A leisurely Saturday afternoon (it can take up to 1.5 hours to be seated any day of the week), beginning with beers in the garden to whet your appetite. Limited menu offered 4-5pm (but they still serve all their pies). On weekend nights, be prepared to wait up to 2 hours to sit down.

AVERAGE PRICE PER P/MEAL: $15 to $30 (£9 to £18)

ATMOSTPHERE: Wide open wooden dining room with exposed brick oven leading to a maze of indoor/outdoor seating areas. In the back, a garden (where the restaurant grows their produce) dotted with picnic tables. Boisterous. *In the winter they replace the garden with a stove heated outdoor bar area – picnic tables included.

AVERAGE WAITING TIME FOR MEAL: Once you sit down, 10-15 minutes.

BEST STARTERS: Prepare your palate with the classic Margherita Pizza.

BEST MAINS: The more people you come with, the more pizza you can try. Options change seasonally, and while there are other items on the menu (fish, pasta, steak), the pizza is Roberta’s claim to fame. The savory Maize Maze pairs salty salumi hash and sweet corn. The White & Greens is a refreshing white pizza with lemon zested, lightly peppered greens. The pies are served straight from the oven on steel baking sheets, the perfect combination of chewy crunchy crust, melted stringy cheese and garden-to-table produce.

BEST DESSERTS: Skip it. You’ll be too full.

WHAT DOES THE DRINK MENU OFFER: Extensive wine list, a handful of cocktails, but most patrons drink a local brew.

DO YOU NEED TO BOOK A TABLE: Unfortunately, you can’t.

WHO GOES THERE? Freelancing Brooklynites (seriously you can’t even get a table midday, middweek) and tourists from Manhattan.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Delicious & satisfying – worth the wait.

WHERE IS IT? 261 Moore St Brooklyn, NY 11206

Words By: Christine O’Leary

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