Whether you’re catching a flight for a same-day meeting or wanted to squeeze in extra beach time with an extra-cheap journey, an overnight or early-morning flight can be brutal. To get the most out of your trip, we’ve compiled a list of frequent-flier approved hacks to make getting over that 4:30am wake-up a breeze.

1. Face Mask

We’re all too familiar with the lackluster complexion that can result from the combination of an early wake-up and a hydration-zapping flight. Summer Fridays’ cult Jet Lag Mask is your all-in-one solution for going from grim to glowing in no time. Once you’ve had a snooze, apply a layer of the mask as the plane prepares for landing. There’s no need to rinse, so once you’ve let it sit for 10 minutes, wipe off the excess with a small towel or cloth and you’ll be as dewy as if you’d gotten ten hours of beauty sleep. Bonus points for this mask as it’s got an all-natural formulation.

2. Eye Patches

Patchology is known for its instantaneous results, that’s why it’s a perfect go-to when you need your skin to look plump in a pinch. Its Moodpatch “Perk Up” energising under-eye patches were practically made for early mornings: infused with green tea, they quickly brighten, de-puff and reduce dark circles. Pop a pair on following your face mask, or use both at the same time if your flight is extra short. Once your face is glowing from every angle, it’ll be a lot easier to at least pretend you got some sort of sleep last night.

3. Travel Supplements

15th Degree’s three-step of JetFuel Travel Fatigue supplements is an energy booster that will make you feel well-rested and energised – far better than the jitters caused by too much caffeine. Stir the “Health” sachet into your water bottle right after takeoff to start things on the right foot, and follow up with “Performance” and “Rest” anytime thereafter. Chock-full of vitamins, minerals and botanical superheroes, these wee sachets pack a serious punch and will have you feeling healthy, composed and ready to explore.

4. Workout

While this may seem counterintuitive, getting some sort of sweat in, even if it’s just a 20-minute jog or a fast-paced walk around your new surrounds, will help your body adjust in no time. It will also give you a boost of energy and endorphins, which are much-needed to combat the grouchy mood swings that typically accompany crack-of-dawn wake-ups. Pop a pair of trainers into your carry-on and wear leggings, a sports bra and a hoodie on the plane to make it harder to back out of exercising once you’ve touched down.

5. Swim

If you’re landing in a sunny destination (or at least one that has a hotel pool), make sure to get into the water, stat. Taking the plunge, whether it’s into the ocean or a lap pool, will awaken your senses instantly and shake off any remaining grogginess from the flight. If, for instance, you’re catching an early-bird Ryanair flight to Ibiza, throw a seerksucker Hunza Ga bikini into your purse and make a beeline for the sea as soon as you possibly can. Even better? Go for a quick run and jump into the water immediately after. Not only will you feel more alive, but you’ll get right into holiday mode and forget about the nightmarish journey.

6. Hydration

While it may be irresistible to load up on cappuccino after cold brew, hold yourself back from going too crazy with the coffee. While one or two will help to perk you up, overloading on it will cause you to get jittery, irritable and ultimately crash. Instead, fill up a massive bottle with lemon water and hydrate throughout the day to get your body back on track and be prepared for the rest of your holiday. The same goes for alcohol – moderation is key when you’re facing a 7am flight, so hold back on day one and you can actually enjoy the rest of your trip.

7. Sleep

The night of your flight, make your excuses after dinnertime and head up to your bedroom to unwind. Slip on your comfiest PJs and an eye mask and get an early night to properly reset after your four hours of sleep the night prior (or two, depending on how late you stayed up doing last-minute packing). You’ll wake up feeling revitalised and, hopefully, completely back to normal to make the most of every remaining second of your time away.

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