Remember those Florentine dahlias you smelt last summer or the bolden notes of azalea that lingered in your hotel suite in Vence? While memories of a weekend trip to Seville may be as heady as the orange blossom that perfumed the air that May, bottling those recollections are one surefire way to keep them ever-fragrant. We’ve compiled a list of the world’s most fragrant (and on occasion fictional) gardens, paired with the aromas they inspired.

FRAGRANCE: Hermès, Un Jardin sur la Lagune
LOCATION: Venice, Italy
LOWDOWN: Head perfumer of Hermès, Christine Nagel, read about a Venetian garden planted on the lagoon which had inspired generations of artists. Discovering that this oasis was completely secret, inaccessible and impenetrable, Nagel created Un Jardin sur la Lagune – consisting of magnolias, pittosporums and Madonna lilies – to bring the majestic garden to fruition.

FRAGRANCE: Bottega Veneta, Parco Palladiano IV
LOCATION: Veneto, Italy
LOWDOWN: Inspired by the Palladian gardens of Veneto (where Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966), this eau de parfum blends azalea with an undertone of velvety chestnut. It’s a fragrance that is as luxurious as the landscape that fuelled it.

FRAGRANCE: Chanel No. 5
LOCATION: Pégomas, France
LOWDOWN: The Mul family have grown jasmine and roses for Chanel in their fields near Pégomas for decades. In Grasse, the cradle of perfumery, the frilly, dishevelled rosa centifolia – also known as the hundred-petal rose – bow under their own weight, as if in reverence to their surroundings.

FRAGRANCE: Guerlain, Cour des Senteurs
LOCATION: Petit Trianon, Versailles, France
LOWDOWN: Inspired by Marie Antoinette’s former stomping ground, the ill-fated queen was known to have enjoyed a stroll through her Anglo-Oriental gardens in the Petit Trianon at Versailles. This elegant fragrance by Guerlain bestows all the regality you’d expect, headed by notes of jasmine, Marie Antoinette’s favourite flower.

FRAGRANCE: Goutal Paris, Ninfeo Mio
LOCATION: Garden of Ninfa, Latina, Italy
LOWDOWN: South of Rome you’ll find this enchanted garden, where paths along the Ninfeo river are lined with cypress and lavender. The surrounds lend to Goutal Paris’ stalwart scent, Ninfeo Mio. Beguiling its wearer with an aroma of citron, galbanum and fig – sourced from a giant fruit tree disguising the entrance to the garden’s bridge – Ninfeo Mio recalls summer strolls and languid picnics with every spritz.

FRAGRANCE: Dr Vranjes, Giardini di Boboli
LOCATION: Giardini di Boboli, Florence, Italy
LOWDOWN: Their arched, mouth-blown glass bottles are modelled on Brunelleschi’s Dome, but the Florentine influence doesn’t stop there. Giardini di Boboli’s orange blossom scent emulates the sprawling oasis of Palazzo Pitti. In the garden, you’ll find an assemblage of classical Roman and mythical sculptures alongside cavernous grottos with blooming clusters of flowers and fragrant wild shrubs.

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