Review by: India Sutton

Fine dining isn’t a hobby my family and I indulge in often, to say the least, and while pangs of excitement crippled me in the preluding weeks, I won’t deny that my anticipation on visiting Noma was also met with visions of glaring, pretentious waiters and inconceivably unusual (and God forbid, inedible), plates of food.

My trepidation (a serious anxiety that resulted in a wardrobe explosion) vanished in the act of rallying up my family to pose by the unassuming ‘NOMA’ sign placed outside the front door. A Spanish waiter, covered in tattoos, rushed out to offer his services as the cameraman and after snapping away, led us inside to find the entirety of Noma’s staff – most of whom are tattooed – readily welcoming us with warm smiles and gracious nods.

Ants, cod liver, sea urchin and moss graced our plates. Unconventional? Yes. Inedible? Absolutely not. We sat back, heard tales of Barcelona, frozen ants, and the art of Danish foraging. We drank natural wine, ate exquisitely inventive, delicious food, and laughed at the two young, smartly dressed children sitting beside us, who, let’s just say, weren’t on the same appreciative wave length. But hey, Noma doesn’t mind; a quality paramount to the restaurant’s continuing success. The 20 dishes, each finely crafted, served and presented with storytelling imagination and prowess, are as astounding as the space in which they’re received.

Unpretentious, carefree, and back to nature; Noma is our home away from home.


CITY, COUNTRY: Copenhagen, Denmark

CUISINE: New Nordic

BEST FOR: A special occasion, especially perfect for an all-time food lover intrigued by local, foraged, and unique food.

RECOMMENDED DAY AND TIME TO VISIT: It’s fabulous from the time its open until the time the doors are locked.

AVERAGE PRICE P/MEAL: ££££ = £200+

ATMOSPHERE: ‘Hygge’ (a Danish word coined to describe all things cosy)

DECOR: There’s a striking balance that appears between sharp and natural. Wild flowers, which decorate your table as well as your food, beautifully dressed waiters/waitresses, rustic wooden beams, and a view out into the canal making it a quintessentially Scandinavian experience.

STAFF SERVICE IN THREE WORDS: Attentive, inclusive, personable


BEST MAINS: The beef tartare served with a seasoning of ants.

WHAT DOES THE DRINK MENU OFFER: When booking you’re offered either the wine or juice menu. Although, typically, my mother opted for a couple of craft beers.

DO YOU NEED TO BOOK A TABLE: Yes, online and three months in advance.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: I think of my four hours spent in Noma and know that I’ll never forget them.

Noma Strandgade 93, 1401, Copenhagen K, Denmark

Review by India Sutton

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