Imagine going on holiday and confidently managing to pack only exactly what you need. Or being able to take money out abroad and not get charged. Or being able to create yourself a bespoke itinerary at the hit of a button. With our selection of super-smart apps, your phone will become the best travel companion you’ve ever had.

1. Packpoint

Packing for a destination with unpredictable weather is no mean feat. How many jumpers to bring? Trainers or sandals? How about a raincoat? Bikini? Download Packpoint and let it make the decisions for you. Enter your dates and destination, and the app will curate a packing list to include everything you could possibly need. It looks at the weather forecast and even includes clothing for any activities you input. You can then edit and share the list – with that friend who can never shut their suitcase.

2. Beanhunter

Most coffee drinkers have an independent coffee shop that they will visit every day, almost by ritual. But what happens when you’re abroad? Just because you’re on holiday it doesn’t mean you magically no longer need caffeine, and we’re consistently surprised by the poor-quality stuff we get served in hotels. Beanhunter has your back, curating a selection of the best coffee houses near you; scroll from the safety of your bed before making a beeline for that bean.

3. Citymapper

For those with a bad sense of direction, Citymapper is the perfect travel companion. Simply type in your destination and the app will tell you the best way to get there, with options for walking, cycling, taking public transport or getting a taxi. Citymapper tells you how long each journey will take, how much it will cost and even how many calories you will burn. Remember to opt in for on-the-go travel reminders, so you can avoid travelling with your eyes glued to the screen.

4. Duolingo

For those who don’t shy away from an all-immersive travel experience, download Duolingo and become a language whizz. With beginner courses in over 30 different languages, you can chat to bots to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, and can even take tests to move onto harder language stages. Treat it like a game by earning points and tracking your progress – pretty soon you’ll be ordering the most complicated thing on the menu just to prove you can.

5. Monzo

Monzo’s tagline is “the bank of the future” and we couldn’t agree more. This modern banking app sends you instant notifications when you spend (even when using contactless) and divides up your outgoings into sections including eating out, transport, groceries, holidays and entertainment, so you know exactly where your money is going. It’s the perfect app for travel, allowing you to set a budget for the trip so you don’t go too crazy. You can use your card abroad and take out cash without any charge or extra fees and can instantly freeze it if you lose it.

6. HotelTonight

Planning a last minute trip? No fear – HotelTonight is an app that specialises in finding cheap deals for hotel rooms at the eleventh hour. Ideal for spontaneous travellers, you can search by city, attraction or map location to find the perfect spot at a great price.

7. Splitwise

Tracking spending when travelling with friends can be stressful. Splitwise helps you avoid the awkward conversations of who owes who by keeping track of any IOUs, group bills and receipts. Users can log in to view their own individual expenses and get notified with updates or reminders. You can log money in different currencies and simplify who owes who what at the end of the trip.


One for the frequent flyers, FLIO collates all the useful information from airports around the world to make sure your travel runs smoothly. Find fact files for over 3000 airports, including details about Wi-Fi networks, check-in information and exclusive deals on food, drink, lounges and duty free shopping. And because FLIO clearly knows how easy it is to lose track of time in those  lounges, be sure to input your flight number so the app can keep you updated with departure times (or delay information).

9. Roadtrippers

As the name suggests, if you’re planning a road trip, this is the app to download. Making sat-navs look seriously old fashioned, Roadtrippers maps out your journey from start to finish, meaning all you need to do is sort out the playlist. Put in your interests and Roadtrippers will add in attractions, museums, restaurants and other fun pit stops to make sure your car journey is never just about getting from A to B. The app has interactive options too, so friends travelling with you can suggest attractions and adjustments to the schedule.

10. SUITCASE Travel Planner

A recent addition to SUITCASE online is our Travel Planner. Helping you to plan a bespoke itinerary for your next getaway, simply choose your destination on the interactive map then browse our recommendations for hotels, restaurants, bars and things to do, clicking to add your favourites as you go. Save and download your guide, then share it with your friends via a unique URL.

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