MATE - Museo Mario Testino

Lima certainly isn’t short of galleries or museums, but MATE is arguably the best. Situated in a beautifully restored 18th-century mansion, MATE beautifully showcases the best of international contemporary art and photography. For 20 soles you can admire the work of up-and-coming Peruvian artists, as well as that of Mario Testino. With both temporary and permanent Testino exhibits, as well as events, tours and workshops, you can flit between admiring local art and the familiar faces of Kate and Naomi.

Stroll along the Malecon

One of the first things any visitor to Lima should do is familiarise yourself with the Malecon. Strolling along this six-mile, garden-adorned path on Lima’s coastline is a great way to get a feel for Miraflores, and for people watching it’s unbeatable. Join young families, teenage lovers and fitness enthusiasts as you stroll past gorgeous parks, open-air gyms, romantic sculptures and quaint coffee shops. The fresh ocean breeze and sea views are an added bonus.

  • Miraflores District

Visit the Church of San Francisco Catacombs

Colonial churches are a dime a dozen in Lima’s historic centre, but the Church of San Francisco is one of the best preserved, while offering something a little more sinister. The church’s catacombs are its main attraction, as the church was built on top of one of Lima’s original cemeteries. With an estimated 75,000 skeletal remains arranged in chillingly perfect patterns, this is a slice of history you won’t forget. Photography and video are not allowed and it’s not for the faint-hearted or claustrophobic.

  • +51 1426 7377
  • Jirón Lampa

Tour Pachacamac

Just 25 miles from Lima is one of Peru’s most important pre-Columbian citadels. Pachacamac – meaning ‘god who created land and time’ – is an enormous cluster of ceremonial pyramids, palaces and ancient government buildings. Occupied by various Andean cultures for over 2,000 years, it was the Incas who really expanded the site, extending it to its current size of 492 hectares. Impressive and awe-inspiring, Pachacamac is a must-see for anyone who is interested in Peru’s captivating history. Full day and half-day tours are available from Lima.

  • Pachacamac

Cat Park in Parque Kennedy

As one of Lima’s most unique attractions, a visit to Lima’s world-famous Parque Kennedy will thrill cat-lovers. This small, pretty green park is home to around 100 stray cats who are fed, vaccinated and cared for by the community (there are even security guards to protect them at night). How the cats got here is uncertain; most believe local priests introduced them to curb a rat infestation, but this is just one of several origin stories. Whether true or not, the cats have now been here for around 25 years and are here to stay. Most are happy to be stroked, so bring a little packet of food and get petting.

  • +51 1617 7272
  • Diagonal
    Lima 18

MATE - Museo Mario Testino

El Malecon

The Church of San Francisco

Pachacamac District

Parque Kennedy

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