Punta Della Dogana

For some contemporary art, check out the Biennale, Peggy Guggenheim and the Punta della Dogana Museums in Dorsoduro, the latter of which hosts pieces from François Pinault’s collection. Then just immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this artsy corner of the city, with its labyrinth of art galleries and artisan shops.

Scuola Grande di San Rocco

Head to San Polo to plunge into Renaissance and Baroque Venice. Pay a visit the majestic cycle of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco by Tintoretto and to the church of Santa Maria dei Frari, home to works by Titian, Bellini, Donatello and Sansovino, among others.

Castello District

For a relaxing interval, stroll through the residential neighbourhood of Castello all the way to the gardens of Sant’Elena. At the core of the gardens is a lovely café build inside a liberty greenhouse called Serra dei Giardini, especially convenient for a tea break and some rest after the hefty walk.

Rialto Market

The Rialto Market is one of the liveliest in Italy, and the fish stalls are particularly spectacular. Go early in the morning to secure the cream of the crop, then head swiftly to the Rialto Bridge and soak in the Grand Canal and its embroidered palazzi at golden hour.

  • +39 041 27 47981
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  • Campo della Pescheria
    San Polo

Tre Oci Giudecca

This neo-Gothic palace is Venice’s only public space dedicated to photography. Don’t miss its latest show on the photojournalist Werner Bischof.

  • +39 041 241 2332
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  • Fondamenta Zitelle 4343

Il Redentore Giudecca

Visit this beautiful church to see Renaissance artworks – and don’t forget to knock on the door at the end of Calle dei Frati to see its magical garden.

  • +39 041 275 0462
  • Redentore
    Sestiere Giudecca

Pesca Turismo Nettuno Burano

Take a boat trip with the fishermen Domenico and Enrico of the new experiential travel company Pesca Turismo Nettuno, who can take you through the northern part of the lagoon.

Santa Maria dell'Assunta Torcello

Admire the cathedral’s beautiful Byzantine mosaics before hiking up the 80 steps of the bell tower at 10:30AM, well ahead of the crowds arriving to survey life on the lagoon.

  • +39 041 730084
  • Fondamenta dei Borgognoni 24

Antichità Arredi d'Arte Torcello

After visiting the cathedral, cross the street and dip into Arredi d’Arte, an antiques store housed in an ivy-clad mansion. Curated by Nicoletta Piccoli Emmer, it’s as fantastical as a film set – you might find kitsch 18th-century porcelain figurines, bejewelled candlesticks or 1930s champagne glasses among its wares.

  • +39 041 735469
  • Isola di Torcello 24

Punta Della Dogana

Scuola Grande di San Rocco

Castello District

Rialto Market

Tre Oci

Il Redentore

Pesca Turismo Nettuno

Santa Maria dell'Assunta

Antichità Arredi d'Arte

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