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“I see purity and deepness” says artist Blanca Miró of the art scene in Barcelona, “it’s formed by people that are not interested in brands or in selling themselves. They just create because they need to do it.”

While this Miró might not be the first port of call for tourists of Barcelona (Fundación Miró pays homage to the artist Joan Miró and is one of the city’s most popular attractions) ask most young creatives in the city, and they’ll know of Blanca’s work. Her distinctive style which fuses cubist references and simple shapes has been exhibited all over Spain and has seen the artist forge collaborations with other creatives in Barcelona such as fashion desiger Paloma Wool.

Here the artist gives us the lowdown on the art scene in Barcelona and the 7 places all art lovers must visit in the city:

When did you start making art?

I’ve been drawing since I was a little girl and at 21 I was already working as an illustrator. I took the definitive step towards being an artist about two years ago a little blindly. With persistence I’m managing to position myself in this sector.

What is the major inspiration behind your work?

Mainly my travels and what surrounds me. My friends. My parents.

How would you describe the current art scene in Barcelona?

I could mention a few scenes. One that is more predictable, where nobody takes risks and does what is correct, therefore everybody likes it. And then there is another one, where I personally feel more comfortable. I would describe it as much more pure and underground. It’s formed by people that are not interested in brands or in selling themselves. They just create because they have the need to do it. They are all young and connected to one another.

How has politics in Spain affected the art scene?

Politicians in Spain haven’t done much to help artists emerge. They act like a business or a bank and always play it safe. They just promote already well known artists.

Would you say Barcelona or Madrid has a more vibrant creative scene?

I think both cities have a noticeable creative scene but Madrid and Barcelona have never been anything alike. When I see new talents in fashion and photography in Madrid I’m amazed and can’t find anything comparable in Barcelona. But in Barcelona’s art-scene there is more purity and deepness.

Why do you chose to live in Barcelona?

I’m from Barcelona and I like it to be my base. We have the sea, good weather and a good quality of life. It’s easy to escape to the countryside. It’s really perfect to have it as a base and come and go.

What do you love about living in Barcelona? What do you hate?

I love the great weather and to be able to go to the sea whenever I feel like to. I hate the tourism and how the city has adapted to it turning the centre of the city into something very absurd and impersonal.

Who are some other artists you admire in Barcelona?

Maria Prats (plastic artist) , Rafa Castells (photographer) , Pau Sampera (plastic artist), Claire O’Keefe (photographer) , Aleix Clavera (musician), Albert Mallol (Video artist).

Where is your favourite neighbourhood and why?

I have my studio in the Raval district. Raval is like a respite in the centre of the city with a lot of cultural diversity.

Where would you find the most creative people in Barcelona and why?

For a while now, everybody has been moving to Poble Nou. Before it was an industrial district full of factories which are now inhabited by creatives and design studios from Barcelona. A lot of artists have also moved there to create their own homes and workspaces.

7 places every art lover must visit in Barcelona

Fundació Joan Miró

The architect who made the building is Joan Sert. Inside there is an amazing Joan Miró collection with sculptures, and an enormous wall hanging tapestry. There are some beautiful sculptures of Calder too. This museum is located in Montjuic, a mountain near the sea perfect for a morning walk.

The library at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies

Inside the Fundació Tàpies for me is the best art library in the city. To go there you have to call before and make an appointment. The library space is quite small but inside you really feel peaceful and get a lot of inspiration.


There are always interesting talks and exhibitions at this art museum. It’s very close to the MACBA, another museum in the Raval district.

Filmoteca de Catalunya

This is also in Raval. There are films by directors from different time periods and countries. They are rare movies but very well curated.

Museo Picasso

Picasso is one of my favorite artist of all times, so for me this museum is a place to visit as often as possible to get inspired. It is located in Born district, in an old impressing gothic palace.

Galeria Senda

This is a new gallery in Barcelona. I have been twice for two different exhibitions and I think they are doing a good job curating. I’m waiting to see what they are going to do next.

Carrer Senca

In that same street (uptown) you can find beautiful antique shops with vintage clothes and beautiful furniture.

Il Giardinetto

This is a very well known restaurant for locals. It’s also uptown and the interior design is amazing. It’s still the same from the seventies. When I go there I feel like I’m inside an Edward Hopper painting.

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