Healthy Hong Kong with Lindsay Jang of Yardbird

Tue, 3 November 2015

A Mother of two, a yoga enthusiast and a serial entrepreneur, Lindsay Jang is in the process of building a mini-empire in her new hometown Hong Kong. Originally from Edmonton, Canada, Lindsay made her way East via New York where she attended acting school. Landing in Hong Kong in 2009, she went on to create the iconic Yardbird restaurant, followed closely by Ronin and Sunday’s Grocery. Most recently, she’s ventured into media with street style website MISSBISH. She can’t seem to put a step wrong so we’ve asked her to take us with her on her journey.

SUITCASE Magazine: What was the initial step you took to create your first restaurant?

LINDSAY JANG: I wrote a very detailed, highly comprehensive business plan.

SM: How did your plan progress?

LJ: The Universe stepped in and pointed all signs to Hong Kong.

SM: What’s the story behind your involvement with MISSBISH?

LJ: Yardbird has been the conduit for all of the amazing things that have happened in my life subsequent to its opening in July 2011. I met my co-founder Nicole’s husband Eugene Kan (then boyfriend), a fellow Edmontonian, at an event we hosted at YB and we became friends. Eugene worked with Gillian at HYPEBEAST, Gillian and Nicole were already planning MISSBISH and after getting to know each other really well, they asked me to be a part of the project.

SM: What’s the best business advice you’ve ever been given?

LJ: Seek advice from people who are smarter than you, therefore understand that there is always something you don’t know.

SM: What do you miss most about America living in Hong Kong?

LJ: Pizza.

SM: What’s your favourite thing about Hong Kong?

LJ: The convenience and ease of getting sh*t done.

SM: If you’re not eating at Yardbird, you’re….

LJ: Cooking at home.

SM: Favourite yoga position?

LJ: It changes with my mood.

SM: When did you get your tattoos and do they mean anything special?

LF: I got my first tattoo when I was 15 years old. Some have references like my children or a feeling I was experiencing strongly at that time of my life. Some mean nothing at all.

SM: How do you maintain a balance between your two beautiful children and multiple careers?

LF: I believe in delegation and empowering your team. I’m a macro-manager.

SM: If you have some ‘me’ time where do you spend it?

LF: At home. I love my house.

Lindsay’s Top 10 Healthy Eats in HK


Mana – the kale centre of HK. I always get a gluten-free wrap with fresh veggies.

Yardbird – a modern yakitori spot. All the food is fresh and if you avoid the fried stuff and the alcohol, it’s quite healthy.

RONIN – a seafood-focused Japanese whiskey bar. I love the fresh sashimi and delicate salads.

Sunday’s Grocery – HK’s bodega. I go for the gluten-free falafel sandwich with a Just Mate sparkling tea

Genie Juicery – juices and raw snacks. I love the Gym Junkie – it has vegan protein, vanilla bean and dates.

Healthy Chicken – rotisserie chicken. I get the whole leg meal with spinach and guacamole and call it a day.

The Awakening – whole food that’s healthy. I love the salmon and the sweet potato mash.

Grassroots Pantry – vegetarian comfort food. This spot has the most flavourful vegetarian food in HK. You won’t miss the meat.

Hot Pot at Megan’s Kitchen – I’m always smart with what I order so you can keep it clean. Fish balls, veggies and tofu ALL DAY.

Chino – the best Mexican spot around. The scallop and uni tostadas are so fresh and light.

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