Nicole Fung: The Founder of That Food Cray !!! Shows Us Her Hong Kong

Thu, 5 January 2017
nicole fung

Her outlandish food and gangsta-style lingo have cemented Nicole Fung among Asia’s top food personalities. In 2012, having spent several years in the finance industry, she and partner Eugene Kan, founded That Food Cray !!!, a food, travel and lifestyle platform that has since gained 100,000 followers. Be warned: it will make you hungry. The Chinese Canadian, who now lives in Hong Kong, later launched MISSBISH, a fashion and lifestyle website that celebrates female empowerment. She let SUITCASE in on her favourite eats and her coveted secrets behind a successful Instagram snap.

How did That Food Cray !!! evolve from a hobby into a successful brand with an cult Instagram account?

That Food Cray !!! started as a passion project. When I first started writing, I honestly wasn’t expecting anyone to read it. I had just moved to Hong Kong from Canada and wanted to document my travels as well as everything I ate along the way. It was an outlet to express my love for food while sharing my adventures with friends and family. I actually started my Instgram account before my website. My following exploded when Instagram featured me as a suggested user.

What drew you to Hong Kong?

My family is from Hong Kong so I’ve always felt a connection to the city. It was my second home; now it is home. Hong Kong is a very transient place and is extremely multi-cultural. There are people from all over the world which makes the food selection very diverse. You can find everything from classic French to halal Chinese food.

Does your fashion and lifestyle website MISSBISH bring something unique to the table and what is your source of inspiration?

MISSBISH was inspired by the community that surrounds me. Since moving to Hong Kong, I’ve met a plethora of people in food, fashion, fitness, travel, media and more, most of which are women. My partners and I saw an opportunity to share these stories with our readers along with interesting articles that speak to our demographic. We wanted to create a platform focusing on content that’s original, intelligent and evergreen, celebrating the women of the world. Our goal was to build a strong foundation to be a constant source of inspiration and to create an inclusive, positive, global community.

What are your top three favourite independent lifestyle websites?

I love Vice’s Munchies, Lucky Peach, and BOOOOOOOM.

What’s your go-to everyday outfit?

All-black everything or ripped jeans and leather jacket.

If you could only travel within one continent which would it be?

I’ve never been to Africa and it’s definitely on my bucket list.

Where in the world have you found the best place to party?

Ha. Those days are behind me…

Which recipe on your blog would you most highly recommend to us?

I would recommend either the soft boiled egg or onsen egg recipes. Knowing how to properly cook eggs is eggs-tremely useful since you can use them for multiple recipes!

What’s your favourite place to eat out in London?

St John is amazing. The notion of British food being dated is still something the inexperienced traveller may lean on, but there’s so much more in the form of innovation and classic fare.

What’s the secret to a great Instagram picture?

The key to food photography success are lighting and composition. Try to find the best light, this will save you a ton of time editing. Always keep the rule of thirds in mind – “an image is most pleasing when its subjects of regions are composed along imaginary lines that divide the image into thirds – both vertically and horizontally.” Post editing is important as well, but try not to overdo it with unnecessary filters.

Insider guide: Nicole Fung’s favourite places to eat in Hong Kong

  • Yardbird: it’s where all the cool kids eat.
  • Tung Po: the restaurant is in a local wet market, the owner – who’s always there – is the best person.
  • Tim Ho Wan: the cheapest Michelin-starred dim-sum restaurant in the world with the best BBQ pork buns.
  • Megan’s Kitchen: my favourite hot-pot restaurant with truffle dumplings, legit beef and rainbow balls.
  • Lei Yue Mun: this isn’t a restaurant, but it’s an area in Hong Kong filled with seafood restaurants. You pick out some seafood at the market and choose a restaurant where they’ll cook it for you how you want it.
  • Kimberley Chinese Restaurant: this place serves an entire suckling pig stuffed with rice. Order in advance and go with an entourage. (
  • Ho Lee Fook: a new school Chinese restaurant inspired by old school Hong Kong cha chaan tengs (tea cafes) and New York’s late-night Chinatown hangouts from the Sixties. Chef Jowett Yu transforms classic Chinese favourites into unconventional, innovative dishes.

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