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It can be easy to get duped while travelling by spending too much on data or handing over more than you should for a plane ticket. As people who are on the road A LOT, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that make our lives easier and we want to share them with you. Travel better with these ten hacks and apps.


  1. Make sure to set your browser to private when searching for flights. Companies can track your browser history and bump up the prices.
  2. Ask your airline for a ‘fragile’ tag to put on your baggage to ensure better handling at the airport.
  3. Try booking two one-way flights instead of a round trip and compare prices. Sometimes it is much cheaper to book two separate flights.
  4. Change your residence to the airline’s home country when searching flights to see if this affects the prices at all.
  5. Use Google Maps as GPS without using your phone’s data: just search where you want to go, and turn your phone onto airplane mode to save data and battery. Your little blue dot will continue to move as you do, even if your phone is offline. Type ‘ok maps’ into the Google Maps search and save the area on your screen for later use in your ‘online maps’ tab.
  6. If you forget your phone charger, charge your phone using the USB slot on the TV in your hotel room.
  7. Check Foursquare comments for WiFi passwords on locked WiFi addresses.
  8. Keep your rechargeable external batteries in the fridge – you won’t have to charge them as often.
  9. Always use when choosing your airplane seats.
  10. Use to get compensation on delayed flights.


  • Google Maps – you can use the GPS even when you are offline and save offline maps and favourite spots.
  • My eVault – keep all your important numbers and passwords in one safe space.
  • WiFi Map – helps you find public WiFi and passwords.
  • Flipagram – helps you compile your travel photos into a slideshow video and add music if you’d like.
  • Bonjournal – Works as a minimalist travel journal app where you can add photos and easily convert into a PDF as well as follow friends.
  • Google Translate – Helps translate any language while you are abroad. You can speak into the microphone, type in phrases, or even hold your phone up to take a photo of text and it will translate.
  • Green Globe – Lists travel options for ‘green’ travellers, whether it be hotels, resorts, or attractions in your location.

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