If you ever thought your life was crazy, here are five completely bonkers/unusual festivals that are celebrated across the world to prove your everyday antics otherwise…

Wife Carrying World Championships: Sonkajärvi, FINLAND

Wife Carrying Finland image credits: http://www.eukonkanto.fi

Date: Aug 18-19

Participants in the wife carrying tournament have to complete an obstacle course whilst their wives cling firmly onto their backs. There are in fact a few different ways in which they do this from the traditional piggy back to the ‘Estonian style’, where the wife hangs upside down with he legs wrapped around her husband’s shoulders.


Hungry Ghost Festival: CHINA

China image credits: huffingtonpost

Date: Seventh month of the Lunar calendar

During the seventh month the streets of cities around China are lined with cauldrons filled with burnt paper offerings to the ghosts of their family’s ancestors. Often you will find a fully prepared feast with empty seats purely for the deceased.



Yorkshire Pudding Boat Race: Brawby, ENGLAND

Yorkshire image credits: www.theshed.co.uk/boatrace

Date: June 9

In the Yorkshire village of Brawby competitors coat their boat sized yorkshire puddings in yacht varnish and set sail to try and win the race down river. Each boat is hand baked and can require up to 50 eggs, 4 bags of flour and 25 pints of milk.



Cow Painting Festival: LUXEMBOURG

Cow Painting image credits: http://www.2camels.com

Date: April-September

Between the months of April and September, man made cows spring up across Luxembourg, showcasing the local artistic talent. From alpine landscapes to zebra stripes, the designs of the cows are sure to amuse and inspire. Songkran Festival: Chiang Mai,THAILAND

Thailand image credits: http://songkran2013.com

Date: April 13-15

Around Chiang Mai 100,000 people show up with water guns and balloons to have a giant water fight. The root to the festival is the cleansing and purification of the body through water but its modern day reality is a wet and messy day of revelry. The Wayne Chicken Show: Nebraska, USA

wayne-chicken-show_8876_600x450 image credits: travel.nationalgeographic.com

Date: 12-14 July

Since 1981 the annual Chicken Show has been attracting tourists to this small town in Nebraska and is definitely one of the weirdest events in the US. Anything and everything goes over the two day event, from costumes to sculpture and parades there is never a dull non-chicken related moment.

Words by Chloe Spiby-Loh, @ChloeSpibyLoh

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