Horizn Hacks: How to Avoid Hidden Costs When Travelling Abroad

Thu, 30 March 2017
horizn studios

SUITCASE has teamed up with contemporary-cool luxury travel brand Horizn Studios to bring you jet-setting hacks from those who know best, helping you to nail the urban-nomad lifestyle wherever your next adventure is taking you. Scroll down to enter our competition for the chance to win £600 worth of Horizn luggage.

Here, we uncover the hidden costs of travelling abroad and how to avoid them – without having to create a ghastly spreadsheet of expenses.

1. Withdraw money before you go to avoid paying hefty fees (credit cards can charge up to 3%). Check to see if your bank is part of a network of international partner ATMs to reduce or avoid these surcharges, or choose a credit company with no additional costs at all.

2. Always exchange currency before you get to the airport to avoid nasty commission fees. Do your research to ensure you’re getting the best exchange rate on the high street.

3. If you’re road tripping, look out for sneaky car rental add-ons which you may not need. Check in with your credit company to see if they provide coverage – if so, paying on your card will mean you avoid additional fees from the rental company.

4. Driving to the airport? Book your parking space in advance, which can be up to three times cheaper than doing it in advance. Car sharing iniatives (which can be found online) are a good way to protect the environment and your bank balance.

5. Tourist or city tax – usually added onto your hotel bill and paid to the local authority – is unavoidable in most large cities (with occasional exceptions for business travellers) and can amount to a whopping 15% in places like New York – don’t forget to factor this into your budget, as well as departure fees which are not always included in the price of your plane ticket.

6. Most of us want to stay connected while travelling (how else are you going to fill your social media feeds with hot-dogs-or-legs snaps?) but roaming charges are downright hideous. Contact your mobile service provider to find out about switching to a temporary international package while you’re away or consider using a global SIM for your trip. Alternatively, download any apps you may need while you’re away before you travel then ditch the internet and use your trip as an excuse to unplug and reset.

7. Ensure that wherever you’re staying has free wifi – it will invariably end up cheaper than paying a daily charge. If it’s not included, consider investing in a pocket wifi add-on so you can get online whenever, wherever.

8. Travelling by boat? You’ll be cruising for a bruising if you forget about added port fees and ship docking charges – make sure you know exactly what is included in your ticket.

9. Look into transport options from the airport before you arrive to avoid the last-minute lazy taxi ride to your accommodation which is all too easy after a long-haul flight.

10. Check out the local tipping rates at your destination – it’s always good to be on the generous side, but you’re (probably) not made of money, and in some places (such as Japan) it’s even considered rude to tip!

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